Don’t Let Road Accidents Ruin Your Life


Your crash

Your first thoughts about a road accident might be “what happened to my car”, or “who will pay to repair my bike?”. A crash can cost the victims loads in costs when it comes to insurance, but there are medical costs too! There’s a lot more to the crash that the initial damage, there’s no telling how close each victim was to death; especially in the more severe accidents. Over one million people die every year due to crashes on the road, while much more are left with injuries that can disable them for the rest of their life. A car crash can affect you for the rest of your life, and that thought alone makes it all the more frightening, so what caused it?

In a lot of cases, road accidents are caused by people neglecting to follow driving laws, like giving full attention to the wheel. Drink driving, texting, tiredness. All of which are lethal when mixed with a vehicle, whether it injures the offender or an innocent victim; the outcome can still kill someone under the wrong circumstances. In cases like this, it’s easy to build up strong anger towards the offender, in which case you would most likely want to claim against them for compensation.

In most cases of car accidents claiming for compensation is necessary, as there are a lot of damages to repair and injuries to overcome; but the victims don’t always see it as the moral route. It can be hard to hold a grudge against someone who made an innocent mistake and meant to harm you; it’s likely that they’ll carry guilt with them for years.  

Who can help

There are many reasons why you might not want to represent yourself in court, it could be that you’re incapable, you don’t trust yourself, or maybe you’re incapacitated. Hiring a professional can help ensure that you get the compensation you deserve as a result of your accident, you just need to know where to look. The bounds of your accident don’t matter, as long as it was on the road and there’s evidence to support your claim. For example, look at this motorcycle accident lawyer to see how you might benefit from hiring these services. Having a professional at your side can help you gain a range of options and resources, meaning that you’re much more likely to succeed with them than you would alone, especially if you’re struggling with proof. Some accidents can even leave the victims feeling confused about everything. The lack of memory comes down to shock, and it’s a natural reaction to being in a dangerous situation.

The first concern you have after being in an accident should be your health, as the damage isn’t always visible from the outside. Many people suffer from a concussion after an accident, and it can end up being a long-term effect on the brain. It’s best to find out about any damages early on, as the quicker it’s found, the more likely you can do something about it.

Business Needs: Make sure your company cars’ are safe to drive


If you run a company or business that offers company car leases to your employees, it is vitally important the cars your staff are driving are safe and road legal.

Making sure your business has performed a car check before putting them through your business for staff to run is not only important but a legal requirement.

Hidden Past

Does the business car you are looking to lease to your staff have a hidden past? One in three used cars on the market has something to hide, from an insurance write-off, to a mileage discrepancy.

One in four cars checked by HPI Check has an active finance agreement or loan against it, and more than 53 cars per day are identified as stolen. A quarter of used cars have had their numbers plate changed, and there are also 200,000 stolen logbooks in circulation in the UK.

So before you spend potentially thousands of pounds on a company car you need to do the appropriate checks to make sure you don’t end up with an unreliable car with questionable usage history that is potentially endangering your staff.

Get a car check

So before start the payment process of a used car to lease to your staff, you need to get it checked, but not all car history checks are created equally. The HPI Check is a fully comprehensive car history check, arming you with vital information about the car you want to buy, to protect you from motoring scams and fraud

HPI uses cutting edge technology to make sure you get accurate and up-to-date information. They are so confident in the accuracy of their data that they back it with a £30,000 guarantee.  They have a dedicated team of experts available 7 days a week to take your call.

How it works

Simply enter the registration number of the car or cars you are inquiring about into HPI’s vehicle checker and they will instantly send you a report of the cars, letting you know that car’s safety information and recall history.

In a typical year more than 1 million cars are affected by a recall, so it is very important that you check the recall history of you car with HPI’s simple online check.

Beware of imitation car checker services that claim to offer car checks for free. Any other company offering a free HPI Check will not be providing you with the genuine article.

Comparing Buying, Leasing or PCP for Acquiring a Car


When it comes to acquiring a new car, there are many different financing options available, whether it is for personal use or as a company vehicle. The first thing most people will do is search online for a brand new or second-hand vehicle to buy outright, but there are other options available. Here we compare the advantages and disadvantages of buying, leasing and taking out a personal contract purchase when getting a fresh vehicle. 


Advantages: Buying a new car from Robins & Day means you get a vehicle with the latest technology, safety standards and that shouldn’t have any problems. While opting to buy a second-hand model means you will also own the vehicle but also get it for a much cheaper price. With either choice, you can also recoup some of the value if you sell it on later.   

Disadvantages: The main disadvantage of buying a car is that it will depreciate in value, especially with a brand new car. If you go for a new one it will only have the latest number plate for six months as well, while buying a used car it could encounter more mechanical problems.


Advantages: With leasing you pay a monthly fee to use a brand new car. This makes it easy to budget as you know exactly what monthly costs will be. Plus, breakdown and maintenance cover are usually included in the monthly price and you do not lose out as the vehicle depreciates in value.

Disadvantages: You are tied into a contract with a lease that you can only get out of by paying it off or suffering early termination charges. Despite paying monthly you never own the car either and in some cases it can cost you more than using a loan to buy a car in the first place.

Personal Contract Purchase

Advantages: PCP is similar to car leasing, in that a monthly payment is made for a fixed amount of time to drive a certain car. Only a small deposit is required and unlike with a lease, at the end of a PCP you have the option to buy and own the vehicle.

Disadvantages: The car is legally owned by the finance company until it has been paid off, so you cannot customise it until then. You also have an annual mileage that must be stayed within, that, along with cancelling the contract, will impose a fine.

Consider which of these options is best for your personal or professional vehicle situation