Hey Google, its time to can Google+ and find something else, if you listen to people who couldn’t turn on a light switch with instructions

That’s the sentiment if you listen to Robin Wauters over at AOLs owned Tech Crunch. Days after Arrington leaving you can already see bullshit coming from the site with no true leadership. Title Raise your hand if you still using Google+ in a straight attack saying him nor anyone he knows, um excuse me ? MG Siegler Jason Kincaid still use it. Using “data” minded from some random “data company” to find out that

“Google+ posts per day has decreased from 0.68 per day between 19 July 2011 and 19 August 2011 to 0.40 public posts per day between 19 August 2011 and 14 September 2011”

So in other words, people are possibly using Google+ to communicate with friends on a more private nature and not needed to turn it into a Spam box that Twitter is, about me saying to the world,

I’m about to make this cheese sandwich… I’m so hungry

Hey Robin Wauters you might want to ask Mike Elgan or Colby Brown if they’ve stopped using Google+. Mike has even gone as far as stopping using his personal blog and have whats shown there just a repost of what was originally said on here. Colby on the other hand started a group for Photographers(who mind you post numerous post, get this, not only public but daily as well) which has over 1000 users so far and still growing. Do we also need to remind you this is still in closed “beta”. While yes, you haven’t visited Google+ or posted here maybe its those who you circled that are not interesting enough to post anything. I know even more so now more public post then before. I guess I just have more interesting friends. Or bored ones who must post things on here. Google+ by the way since has no interest in it, is also why you’ll see Flikr either make a major fix or close up show seeing how photographers are flocking in droves here(Free unlimited photo space if know work around) or 500.px. We’ll continue to hear reports of “Google+ suffering and going down to Facebook” yet its Facebook and Twitter who have to keep copying Google+ on features just to keep up so when Google finally says its open season Google+ your free, that people wont come in droves. Yes, house mothers and those between the ages of 35-50 wont leave because they’ll realize when they move their precious gardens/farms don’t transfer to a better place. So Facebook will continue to dominate there. Facegarden? Either way, we’ve already heard about 10 different times in different articles from TC about how Google+ is failing, yet its not.


Source: TechCrunch


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