Jessica Alba’s Baby Safe Start Up Raises $27 Million From Top VCs

Yesterday we brought you a story about celebrities getting involved in the tech start up world. One name that wasn’t in yesterday’s story was Golden Globe nominated actress Jessica Alba. Alba has stared a company called “The Honest Company” which seeks to replace baby products laiden with harsh and untested chemicals, with natural products that are baby safe like diapers, household cleaners, soap, sunscreen, laundry detergent and even dishwasher gels.

Alba’s $27 million dollar round included investors have funded some of the biggest web start ups including Netflix, Twitter, Zynga and LivingSocial. It’s no wonder they’re prepared to get behind a company that offers something every new expecting family is going to want with a face everyone already knows.


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“The overwhelmingly positive response we have received since our recent launch has shown us we need to continue dedicating time and resources to further develop our Honest brand and community,” Alba said in a press release. “The new funding confirms our positioning and acknowledges the big need for a brand and service to deliver pure, healthy products that are delightful, effective and beautiful.”

Alba and her partner Christopher Gavigan, former CEO of the non profit Healthy Child Healthy World, are hoping to attract new families with monthly subscription services for diapers and other baby safe household products. They plan on using the investment to develop new products and improve their e-commerce site.

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Source: Mashable via Yahoo



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