Ashton Kutcher Prepares For A-Grade Role As Steve Jobs

TV and Movie star turned technology investor Ashton Kutcher was selected for the Role of Steve Jobs in an upcoming independent film about the co-founder of Apple. The movie is currently being titled Jobs: Get Involved and is said to focus on the earlier parts of his career, much in the way Pirates of Silicon Valley did.

The movie will profile Jobs years starting Apple and then through NeXT and Pixar. There’s no word if the script will dip into his triumphant return to Apple and his later years.

Sony Pictures has picked up the rights to Walter Isaacson’s biography about Steve Jobs which became a best seller when it’s release coincided with the death of the Apple founder. Sony is said to be in discussions with Aaron Sorkin the mastermind behind the NBC hit drama series West Wing, as well as the screen writer for the Mark Zuckerberg biographic movie “The Social Network”.

Sony is reportedly looking at booth George Clooney and Noah Wylie to take on the role of Jobs for their movie. Wylie played Jobs in the cult classic Pirates of Silicon Valley which aired several times in the US after Jobs’ death.

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TMZ recently released photos of Kutcher in Steve Jobs token uniform, a black turtle neck and jeans. Kutcher has also grown out facial hair to match Steve Jobs style during the period of his life that the movie is chronicling.

Kutcher is set to start filming later this month while Two and A  Half Men is on its summer break.

Kutcher is no stranger to the life and times of Silicon Valley. He seems to split his time these days equally between acting and investing. He is a founding partner along with Ron Burkle and Guy Oseary of angel investment firm, A-Grade Investments.

Through his own investing and through the firm, Kutcher has backed a variety of tech startups ranging from Skype, Vox and Zaarly to recent investments like Dwolla and Amen GmbH.


Source: TMZ

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