We Talk With Matt Burris Founder Of Startup Weekend Crane In Indiana VIDEO

The Nibletz nationwide sneaker strapped startup roadtrip pulled up in Indianapolis Thursday to check out Verge Indy’s startup event. The event is held on the last Thursday every month and brings together a tremendous amount of people from Indianapolis and the surrounding areas’ startup and entrepreneurial tech scene.

We got a chance to meet Matt Burris who co-founded Startup Weekend Bloomington with Super Nick. Burris is a hardware and product guy that’s working on some awesomesauce in his top secret lab by day. By night Burris is a strong advocate and evangelist for the startup scene in both Indianapolis and Bloomington.

This October though, he’s headed to Crane Naval Base (well just outside of it) for one of the first Startup Weekend’s centered around a military base to date.

Burris already got his feet wet with the Bloomington event, now he’s able to focus on a truly unique Startup Weekend that he believes will produce a large number of hardware and product ideas vs the traditional mostly software and social media ideas that commonly come out of Startup Weekend events.

Check out our video interview with Burris below and check back with us in a little while to hear more about what Burris is working on at his company RT6:

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Find out more about Startup Weekend Crane here at this link

Check out Matt’s daytime job where he is founder of RT6 here

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