Expressing Your Creative Passion With Polarr


A group of creatives and techies with passion for visual expression decided to create a web tool their fellow creatives to express themselves, without losing the fidelity of their creative desire and inspirations. This turned into

While there are many tools online for making basic modifications to photos, Polarr actually learns from the unique style of each user,and performs recommendations and customized renditions of their photos in a high quality and production ready environment.

Since most creatives, or Polarrians as they like to call their users, would much rather spend their time at photo shoots, coming up with new aesthetic angles, and interacting with their cusomters, creating a tool to shorten the time needed for post-production is the primary focus of Polarr.

I have personally used the system and found it to be very easy to use, enabled me to create some fantastic images (I’m a horrible photographer) and the best part, it’s easy to use.┬áSo many tools out there are so complicated it take more time learning how to make basic modifications, I’d rather just pay someone else to do it. With Polarr, you can quickly and easily make great things happen without wasting time or money.

Professional creatives will find this a great tool to increase their productivity, and people like me with creativity thought but not the talent to turn into reality, will love what Polarr is doing, and their approach to technology and creativity.

They’re a relatively young startup, so go check them out and share with your friends!


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