What’s In Your Bag: Brent Burzycki

I first meet Brent Burzycki on Google+ on the Behind The Lens Critique group. We quickly hit it off, as his love for a failed futbol team and my love affair for the great Chelsea gave plenty to talk about at first. Later on it was his beautiful photography of women, two guys, what else you expect? To helping me when ever I had questions with my own photography.

During his busy schedule in between him going to the Air Show this weekend we are able to have him inventory his bag for our What’s In Your Bag feature, and here it is.

  • Nikon D300s
  • 70-200AFS G
  • 85mm FI4 Lens
  • 24-70 AFS
  • Scanner
  • Memory Cards
  • Crap Blower(His words I swear)
  • Tenba Backpack


Where to find him:




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