A Startup For Other Startups

We just recently completed another leg of our sneaker-strapped nationwide startup road-trip. Cameron and I went to Memphis,Chicago,Madison WI, Indianapolis,St.Louis and back to Memphis. We had an awesome time along the way and met some great new friends as well.

We were in Chicago for Chicago TechWeek. The four day event was filled with technology and startups. It was there that we met the world famous Nick Tippmann who has quickly become a great friend. We also met Junaid, Michael Muhny the co-founder of ACT, Dana from Wahooly and many many more.

In Madison WI, Brad Orego from TrinkerApp absolutely floored us by setting up a meet up for us with nearly 20 different startups represented in under 4 hours notice. Absolutely incredible! We also went to the offices of PerBlue and Murfies and then had office hours in downtown Madison on a beautiful night, which was also the first night of their outdoor concert series.

Next we went to Indianapolis. Tippmann had invited us there to meet Matt Hunckler and see one of his Verge Indy events up close and personal. We also got to tour the coolest startup/developer/hacker space in the world, Developer Town, more on that later.

Next, we were headed to Memphis for office hours but we were able to make St. Louis an overnight stop. We woke up to spend some time with the guys from LockerDome and also got to talk St. Louis startups with Rick Holton Jr of Holton Capital and Venture STL.

Friday we got to hang out with the crew from LaunchMemphis again at a party at the Memphis Music Foundation. The next day we did office hours with some of the startups from Zero to510 incubator in Memphis.

It was an exceptional time and we got so much content, met so many new people and saw a great deal of the country.

As many of you know we are able to carry out our mission with the help of startups everywhere else. We are committed to being on the road an average of three weeks every month until September 2013 (not this September next September)

Why so long?

We want to see, help and report on as many startups outside of Silicon Valley (that’s the everywhere else part) as we possibly can. We have also secured a book deal for release in Q4 of 2013 on over 500 startups from “everywhere else”.

Our publisher has also promised us a kick ass party at CES 2014 where we will debut our book at Eureka Park.

If you have a startup interested in one of our signature sponsorships please email and we’ll get an info sheet right over to you. If you prefer to help us out either named or anonymously you can do so at this link here.

We really appreciate everyone who has helped out so far.

Please take a look at our crowd funding page here there are a lot of great “incentives” for startups as well.

Thanks again and have a GREAT fourth of July week!


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