Felicia Day Announces The Guild Season 6 Wrapped & Ready At DragonCon 2012



During The Guild full cast panel at DragonCon 2012 today Felicia Day announced that they just finished up season six of the hit web series two days ago. The entire cast was on hand for the Q&A which met more to the casts experiences and quirky experiences more so than leaks and spoilers for the upcoming season.

One of the only spoilers was that Jeff Lewis’ baby son makes a cameo appearance this season and Lewis has another baby in the oven.

Day announced that this years season will be available on the Geek & Sundry YouTube channel which plays host to Wil Wheaton’s Tabletop and Day’s own vlog called Flog.

One of the most fun audience questions in the panel is what character would each actor be if they did a body swap show. Day, the shows creator and producer, seemed to like that idea as well. we could see her wheels turning.

Sandeep Parikh was the comedic highlight of the panel. He kicked off the fun and games by trying to answer an audience members phone. He also answered questions about his tv mom and whether or not that was his real mom. Had we gotten a chance to ask Parikh a question we would have no doubt complimented him on his work in Office Space and the Harold & Kumar flicks.

The complete cast is on hand for various panels and autograph sessions on the infamous walk of fame all weekend long. Day said that DragonCon was one of her favorite shows. This year many Day fans were disappointed when she didn’t make an appearance at SXSW. DragonCon and SXSW are typically staples in her hectic con and appearance schedule. Day also said that this was only the second time in five seasons that the entire cast was able to be on a panel together.


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