Jhoombox A Set Top Box That Sings!

Jhoombox, DC startup,startup interview, CES 2013, Eureka ParkWashington DC startup Jhoombox has made the Android based set top box a lot more fun.  In addition to doing the things that most set top boxes do, like provide access to Netflix, Hulu and a slew of other web based services, Jhoombox has a full featured Karaoke system as well.

Jhoombox’s combination of hardware and software is like a Pandora for karaoke.  Some of the features include the ability to record your karaoke sessions and quickly upload them to YouTube. You can also collaborate with other Jhoombox users on the net and sing duets and group songs over the internet.

They came up with the idea because people love to do karaoke and a set top box is a way to bring all the content to one centralized location. Karaoke singers now have a library of hundreds of thousands of karaoke songs at their fingertips.

The company has been working on Jhoombox for the last year and held a private beta in the fall of 2012. They plan on launching to the public, first with a Kickstarter campaign in the spring of this year.

Jhoombox is fun and innovative and you can find out more at jhoombox.com

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