When You Say Jump Vert Says How High VIDEO INTERVIEW

Mayfonk Athletic, Vert, Florida statup,startup interview, Eureka Park, CES 2013One of the coolest startups we found at Eureka Park as part of CES 2013 last month was a startup called MayFonk Athletic and their app called Vert. It’s kind of a fitness app combining a piece of Bluetooth enabled hardware with a smart device app. However, Vert is specific to one thing, and that is jumping.

Vert uses a sensor that easily attaches to a person’s body (as seen in the video below), and is able to measure how high someone jumps. Whether they are jumping in basketball, doing jumping jacks, gymnastics or a workout infused with jumping Vert keeps up.

On the app side it’s able to measure, track and analyze all of the data provided from the device. With the right exposure it’s something that many basketball teams will want to take advantage of.

The Fort Lauderdale based startup is creating their own market, separate from the other fitness based measurement devices and apps.

Check out the video interview below. For more info visit

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