EE 2013: The only way to network is to get out there


By Laura Fenton

Brittany Fitzpatrick had to take a deep breath and make the first move.

“I’m an introvert,” said Fitzpatrick, founder and CEO of Mentor.Me. “I do have to
make a concerted effort to go out of my comfort zone.”

But by taking the initiative, Fitzpatrick has created and formed a team for her
startup, which will help match mentees with the right mentor.

Attending the Everywhere Else conference was not the first
event for Fitzpatrick and her Memphis-based team. She is a member of the the Memphis Seed
Hatchery Program, attends other LaunchMemphis events like LaunchLounge, and
started “working networking events” following the LaunchMemphis Upstart Memphis 48
Hour Launch weekend..

At networking events for startups, “you get access to people with complementary
assets,” such as web developers to balance Fitzpatrick’s communication and public
relation skills. Plus, “you get to see the innovations that are out there,” and get greater visibility,
which is essential for getting the ball rolling, she said.

What advice would Fitzpatrick give up and coming entrepreneurs? “Go for it. Put
yourself out there. You never know who you’ll meet.”

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