Lessons From Damien Echols Have Our Twitter Followers Sighing In Relief

Twitter, NibletzWe took a lot of heat for having New York Times Best Selling Author Damien Echols speak at everywhereelse.co The Startup Conference. All in all though, post conference, the feedback has been tremendously positive. Echols shed a new light on just how far technology has advanced since the early 90’s and opened up eyes to a world many techies and startup folks take for granted.

The fireside chat between Echols and Commercial Appeal business writer James Dowd, was one of the few sessions I got to attend in full, and I learned a lot. But what I really learned came afterwards.

After the speaking engagement we went out with Echols and his wife Lorrie along with Elizabeth Lemmonds from Upstart Memphis/Launch Your City and her husband. We had some amazing conversation and a good time. All Echols wanted to do was eat pizza and ride the trolley, so we went to our favorite local pizza spot, Aldo’s.

During Echols presentation he talked about Twitter. With all the technology out there Twitter is one of the things he likes the most. He likes Twitter because it’s more poetic, to really drive people to engage you need to think out what you’re going to say.

That got me thinking. As many of you know we have over 150,000 social media followers in aggregate. I have a little over 100,000 followers on my personal Twitter and the site has just under 23,000. That’s a lot of followers.

Until now we’ve been broadcasting a lot of content ( a lot may be an understatement). Echols noticed how much we repeat tweets as did many of the folks who attended the conference. Our good friend Tony Monteleone from Indianapolis didn’t want to hurt our feelings but said something has got to be done with our Twitter.

Around 2pm Central Time today, we changed it. ¬†While it’s important to get our content out there’s no reason to force it down our loyal followers throats. How many times do you need to check out the same exact story.

My co-founder Nick Tippmann and I spent a good deal of the day arguing and then recrafting the way we’re going to Tweet, and we’re pretty sure you’re going to like it.

Nibletztweets is the official Twitter account for the site. This is the feed where we will post our links to stories, (but not 100s of the same link anymore). StartupTechGuy is my personal Twitter, you’ll see links to stories, a little of my awkward personality, old school hip hop lyrics, Memphis Grizzlies tweets and the things I like.

If you only want to keep up with the Nibletz news, by all means follow just Nibletztweets but now you won’t see the same exact tweet on both feeds. I may tweet a story out with some opinion mixed in or just throw you for a loop.

The Everywhere Else Twitter will be used to tweet out stories that pertain to the conference, and the community of people that have formed around the conference. It will also serve as a notification place for information about our next big conference and some exciting events in between.

So rest assured, if you have any of our Twitter accounts on mute, and you want to unmute, it’s now safe. Also if you missed a story you can always check out the site or tweet @nibletztweets or @startuptechguy and we can re-send it to you.

Finally, if you want coverage feel free to visit nibletz.com/questions and follow the instructions there.

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