Thank You For A Great EE2013, And On To 2014 Tickets Available Now, At 2013 Price For 6 Weeks, EE2014,startups,startup event, startup conferenceThank you all for attending The Startup Conference in Memphis Tennessee. The event drew over 1000 startup founders, entrepreneurs, investors and startup folks from across the country and around the world.

Most of the 50 states were represented and attendees came from Chile, Canada, Mexico, London and Buenos Aires.

We attended great keynotes, workshops, round tables and panels with unparalleled access to information and networking.

The reaction so far has been great. The memories will live on, on Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and of Course Bonfyre.

As a startup ourselves things were a little rough around the edges for a bit but the event itself rocked!

With that we are growing. Many people who saw our press coverage or heard about the event on social media have reached out with interest for next year. Sponsors are already knocking on the door and it’s going to be even better. As you can imagine we are going to have to significantly increase the ticket price in the coming months however, Nick and I decided that we will offer the same prices as 2013 for 2014 for the next 6 weeks.

Next year the conference will be held Sunday February 16th through Tuesday Febrary 18th, over President’s Day Weekend. This gives many of our startup founders, who still work a 9-5, the opportunity to come as well.

Attendee ticket $59

Startup Village ticket $425 (incldues 3 attendee tickets)

One thing that we want to point out though is that several attendees said they wanted to be in the village next year, so regardless of whether you were in the village last year or just came in as an attendee, feel free to book under 2013’s Startup Village ticket rate.We look forward to seeing you next February.

We welcome your feedback at and if you want to volunteer for next year feel free to email

Thanks again!


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