Canadian Startup Quibl Is Hot Or Not For The Latest Issues

Quibl,Canadian startup,startupsA Canadian startup has taking a format as simple as Hot Or Not and put it online for people to debate the hottest current event issues.

After a year in the making, the site officially launched on Monday and so far there seems to be some interest bubbling.

The founders took to reddit to describe their two main objectives behind Quibl

  • It aggregates arguments on a specific topic (like gun control for example)
  • It’s a tool to find debates (we have a location for each debate), allowing you to find what’s going on in your area with google map api. (

Right now the hottest debates seem to be on gun control, Have We Reached Peak Oil and Google Glass.

“For comparison sake, a debate is a bit like a subreddit but you have two columns, one for each side. Debates are always polarized like that. People post their opinion, links to articles, blogs, tweets and just pictures as argument on one or the other side. Behind each argument, you have a comment section where people still pick a side when commenting. Therefore, if you see a “red” argument that seems quite good, you can go check in the comment for “red” or “green” opinions below it. Everything is sorted by number of votes so you can “filter” the content and show what’s best in a certain amount of time. We use exponential decay formulas to depreciate argument after a while, depending on filter selection. This keeps the debate interesting by showing more new content. We have no downvotes, because it makes no sense for people arguing.” one of the founders explained.

They are hoping to scale the site so that it becomes the platform of choice for discussing hot button issues.

What we like?

The ease of voting
Their mission is clearly defined in the presentation and the UI

Check out Quibl for yourself here at



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