5 Resources For The Startup Newbie

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When you first start out in any new endeavor, it can be hard to learn the ropes. The startup world is no different, even with so many preaching the openness of entrepreneurship.

You probably thought you just had a great idea for an app, right? Startup newbies rarely realize that with the launch of their new business, they are also entering a whole new world, with new norms and vocabulary.

At Nibletz, we believe that anyone with determination can be a great founder, but we also know that the learning curve can be tough. Educating yourself on the ins and outs of startup life will help, and here are some of the resources we recommend:

1. Mixergy

Without a doubt the most comprehensive source of entrepreneurial advice out there. Founder Andrew Warner interviews entrepreneurs and investors from every sector, and several of them also teach courses in certain skills such as SEO and design. There are tons of great founders who share their expertise and experience, but Andrew is the definitely the secret to Mixergy’s effectiveness. In every interview he’s so very interested in what the founder is saying that you know he’s learning right along with you.

The premium membership to Mixergy is $25/month and well worth it. The Nibletz team has learned so much from site, we know how membership pays for itself.

2. Mattermark

Mattermark is technically a big data tool for investors. They track startups on a number of points including number of employees, monthly uniques on the website, and funding over time. Then they assign a score that gives a hint about a startup’s health and viability.

That’s all for investors, and Mattermark charges for those Pro services. The startup newbie doesn’t need all that. However, the Mattermark daily newsletter is one of the richest sources of information on what’s happening in the startup world. The newsletters often have a little blurb written by the Mattermark team based on their data, but after that is a long list of links to some of the best articles that week. They include top investors like Fred Wilson and interesting articles from a variety of tech publications.

3. CrunchBase

CrunchBase is a free database of the startup world. It lists founders, companies, and investors, and anyone can edit it. This is a good place to find great companies and learn a little more about individual players in your space. The homepage features a “Trending” tab and an “In the News” tab.

If you’re learning about funding, the CrunchBase Daily is a good newsletter to sign up for. Each day they send out a list of companies that have closed rounds and how much the rounds were. ¬†CrunchBase isn’t the same wealth of information the previous two are, but it’s a good way to begin to understand how the pieces fit together.

4. CB Insights

CB Insights is another “data for investors” tool. Their paid tools offer analytics and data to investors who are watching the trends. This is helpful for investors who invest over a wide range of industries begin to¬†understand different areas.

However, like Mattermark, they have a free newsletter that can be very informative for the startup newbie. Focusing on the investment field, the newsletter links to articles on the site that will help founders understand the way investment dollars seem to be going. There are some articles only available to paying customers, but the free ones are enough to begin to understand some trends and terms.

5. Steve Blank

Yup, the first four resources are companies, but number 5 is just a single person. But, after 21 years in several high tech companies, and more years researching and teaching entrepreneurship, Steve Blank is a resource all by himself. His website has lists of tools and resources for every stage of startup life. He also lists several startup books worth reading, as well as his own research on Silicon Valley.

Check out the slides and videos page for some great interviews and presentations from Blank.

It can be hard to be the new kid, but startup world really isn’t as confusing as it might seem at first. If you’re looking to learn and understand the landscape, check out the resources above for advice, tips, and trends. And don’t forget to keep coming back to Nibletz.


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