500 Startups Batch 007 Knows They’ll Never Be Normal


What happens when you put the founders of 30 startups together on the first day of an accelerator?

They make a music video. Of course.

By now 500 Startups is pretty well known for the video each new batch makes at the beginning of the program. Each video is a humorous introduction to the latest cohort and often points to some funny aspect of startup life. Batch 006 parodied Macklemore’s hit Thrift Shop, and Batch 005 produced Sh*t 500 Founders Say.

This week, 500 Startups announced Batch 007. (And we’ve already covered one of their new companies.)  Besides MailLift, there are 29 companies in the newest batch, including a biotech company, an electric skateboard company, and a micro-publishing platform. There are even a few “unsexy” startups that are innovating things like inventory management.

We love 500 Startups here at Nibletz because even though the accelerator is in the Valley, they always bring teams in from around the world. This cohort is no different. They hail from places like Sweden, the UK, Italy, Brazil, China, Thailand, Taiwan, Australia, Milwaukee, and Nashville. 500 Startups is also does diversity pretty well. There are 5 female founders (not their best, but still pretty good), and a dozen teams are from outside the United States.

And for their video, batch 007 remade the popular song Royals. Filled with move in day antics–including a game that involves buckets on heads?–the video claims that this new batch will never be normal. No Y-Comb envy here; the newest batch of 500 Startups is ready to go.

Check out the video below, and find out more about 500 Startups Batch 007.


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