E-Mist Innovations Raises Seed Round to Protect You from Disease


When talking about startups outside Silicon Valley, the discussion often revolves around Xtech: fintech, cleantech, adtech, edtech, etc.

Healthcare is another big industry everywhere else, and there are companies all over the country solving thousands of different problems related both to our actual health and to the administration of healthcare.

One of the companies if Fort Worth moved a little closer this week when they announced a $150k seed round from local investors, Cowtown Angels.

E-Mist Innovations has developed a new technology for distributing disinfectants. The electrostatic mister allows the disinfectant to cling to every inch of a surface, whether it’s smooth, porous, or textured. The technology they’ve patented allows for less time spent disinfecting, but surfaces stay protected longer.

Now, the use case in your home may not seem obvious. It doesn’t take that long to wipe a counter. Instead, E-Mist is focusing instead on places with lots of people and limited amount of time between turnover: hospitals, offices, nursing homes, day cares, libraries, locker rooms, and various public transit services like buses and subways.

Local angel group Cowtown Angels facilitated the investment, with several members investing individually. Cowtown Angel investor George Robertson is joining the company as CEO.

“This is a very exciting story of a family from Goldthwaite, TX, coming to us for help,” Darlene Ryan, executive director of the local incubator TechFW, said in a statement. “E-Mist was one of our Impact Award finalists in the Health category last year while going through our incubation program, which got them the opportunity to pitch to the Cowtown Angels as well as other support from the community. Now the company is getting the money it needs to succeed and an experienced CEO. The company will be continuing with TechFW in our acceleration program. It’s a great example of how we help businesses get their technology to market.”

Find out more about E-Mist Innovations at their website.


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