GIVTED Changes the Way We Give Gifts



It’s the beginning of February. Have you finally returned all those unwanted/unneeded Christmas gifts?

No matter how bad we feel about it, there are so often times when we receive gifts that we just don’t need. You might find yourself guiltily thinking, “Man, I really could’ve used the money they spent on this expensive coffeemaker instead.”

On the flip side, how often do you buy a gift and wonder if it’s really what the recipient needs or wants? You might search a million stores (online or off) and still not be 100% sure that you’ve picked the perfect gift.

That’s where GIVTED comes in. They are building a way for people to give money, instead of potentially unwanted gifts.

Check out our Q&A with cofounder Stephanie de Bodinat below.

1) What’s your startup called?  


2) What’s your big idea?

We found a beautiful way to give money as a gift.

3) What’s the story behind your idea?

We felt people are overwhelmed by small gifts they don’t necessarily want, gift cards included. Resulting in a big waste of gifts in general. With Givted, you give money nicely wrapped in a messages from friends and family. Givted enables you to work together with friends to pool funds into one pot, helping you give a larger amount helping you to get a gift that would have been harder to afford on your own.

4) Where are you located?

NYC and Orlando

5) What’s the startup scene like there?

Truly inspiring- Competitive but so energetic!

6) What milestones have you reached?

We raised 1M in Seed Money in 2013 and managed to launch web product and mobile app same year.

7) What are your next milestones?

Getting more people using it.

8) Where can people find out more?



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