Yes Great Ideas Do Happen In The Shower, Interview With NY Startup Room Hints

Yes Great Ideas Do Happen In The Shower, Interview With NY Startup Room HintsIf you like nice things, beautiful things, picturesque things but just need a little help with you’re interior design project, no worries there’s an app for that (soon). While there may be a few apps and platforms coming up in the interior design space that doesn’t worry Tiff Wilson and the team behind New York based Room Hints. In fact, they label themselves as weird, extreme and fearless, a combination that can only lead to impeccable style.

Room Hints iPhone app is currently in a private beta and you can sign up here to try it out. The app provides a host of ways to get recommendations on the latest fashions and trends in  your homes. You can see what other Room Hints users are doing, you can share your ideas and designs with friends, and the app itself will suggest great design pieces as well.

Room Hints also has professional designers on board that can help you complete that interior design product. Imagine having a teen tiny interior designer at your beck and call on your smartphone. It’s like a private shopper but for interior design.

We got a chance to check in with Tiff as the team prepares for a more grand-scale launch.

What is Room Hints?
Early stage mobile APP that furnishes your home. Stop browsing the internet for the perfect lamp and let friends and designers send you products that actually work for your room.
Who are the founders and what are their backgrounds?
Our team is the prefect combination of design and tech meeting in the middle where the magic happens. We have masters degrees in Interior design and PHDs in computer science.
Where are you based?
New York, NY
What’s the startup scene/culture like where you’re based?
The start up scene in New York is amazing. It is buzzing with excitement and growing very quickly. Lots of talented people building beyond amazing companies.
How did you come up with the idea for Room Hints?
In the shower.. I worked as an interior designer for years and was attending hackathons on the weekend. I watched friends and clients struggle with finding the right products and how to style their homes and came to the idea to build Room Hints. To empower everyone around the globe to have their own personal stylist in their pocket. (On their mobile phone)
What problem does Room Hints solve?
We are the Pinterest with people. We help people shop for and design their home by gaining real time feedback from a professional. The tool provides a quick and easy solution to furnish your space without having to spend all day at Ikea!
What’s your secret sauce?
We are an overstated combination of weird, extreme and fearless.
What’s one dilemma you’ve encountered in the startup process?
Too much noise. We are really lucky to have so many great advisers and early adopters but everyone has a different timeline and vision for the product. Listening to our gut and knowing what advice is pertinent for our start up, has been key.
What’s one challenge you’ve overcome in the startup process?
Not crossing every T and dotting every I. Understanding what problem we want to address and how to quickly build to obtain answers and direction from our users.   Embracing done is better than perfect. Trying to fail as quickly as possible to adapt the product to perfection.
What’s next for Room Hints?
We are currently in private beta and will be launching Fall of 2012.

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