WILD Is the Original Mountain-To-Bar Company



WILD Outdoor Apparel could be considered the local craft beer of clothing.

Some people really don’t want to dress like everyone else, but few outdoor clothing companies cater to them. WILD is changing that by producing limited batch performance clothing.

Check out our Q&A with WILD below:

What is your startup called?

WILD Outdoor Apparel

What does your company do?

WILD makes Limited Edition runs of independently minded apparel for independently minded people who don’t follow the crowd. All WILD products are designed driven and performance oriented constructed from very unique high quality fabrics for all of your Mountain to Bar endeavors.  WILD brings style and performance together in numbered editions designed and manufactured in Portland Oregon USA. For example, the style/color edition of a given design might be150. Each piece is hand numbered 1/150, 2/150… up to 150/150.  After the edition number is reached that style/color will never be produced again assuring your item will be only one of 150 anywhere in the world.

Who are the founders, and what are their backgrounds?

Dan Tiegs… Owner/designer/product developer/sales

I am a veteran of 15 years in the apparel business. I have worked for some large apparel companies like Nike and Columbia Sportswear as well as some smaller niche performance apparel companies. I have operated my own apparel consulting business since 2009 and started WILD after doing floor cleaner to desert topping projects as an independent consultant.

Where are you based? 

Portland Oregon

What’s the startup scene like where you are based?

Portland is a very DIY town. From high tech to music to food to beer to bikes to apparel Portland has a scene for it all. We take pride in our boot strapping ways looking to keep it local and original.

What problem do you solve?

WILD Products liberate people from the same old world of mass produced apparel. WILD protects an individual’s individuality. WILD takes you from the Mountain to the Bar with aplomb. WILD delivers limited edition, design driven performance apparel made locally for what many brands charge for mass produced goods that are made in Asia.

Why now?

There are people who do not aspire to dress like everyone else and do not aspire to a corporate message. These people are served much better by the fashion market than by the performance market. WILD looks to change that by melding the fashion and the performance worlds. This is possible now because of our development of the local manufacturing base. The small limited edition WILD runs are a direct response to people looking for a more crafted way of doing things. A local brew pub instead of Anheuser -Busch if you will.

What are some of the milestones your startup has already reached?

WILD launched the Men’s Park Place Snap Front Down Shirt and the Women’s Sweet Sister Down Hoodie already.

What are some of your next milestones?

The next milestone is the Crowd Supply sale of the WILD Burnside Alpha jacket which is the debut product of the WILD Made In Oregon line.

Where can people find out more? Any social media links you want to share?

Please check out the WILD website, Facebook page….





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