Serious Startups Acquires Nibletz Media

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You know that feeling you get when you have a secret. And you’re DYING to tell everyone, but you.just.can’t.yet.

Well, welcome to the last 6 weeks of my life.

After a year of building Nibletz Media with my awesome cofounder Nick Tippmann, I’m thrilled to (finally!) announce that the company has been acquired by Nashville-based Serious Startups.

I’m also pumped to say that as part of the acquisition, I will be joining the Serious Startups team as the COO.

You can listen to the podcast for more details on next steps and to hear from Nick on what it’s like building a media company. Here are some things you can expect from the new Serious Startups:

  • A weekly talk show produced in conjunction with Talkapolis. David, John, and I will join our friend Kane Harrison to argue discuss all things entrepreneurial
  • Bi-monthly podcasts with startup experts from around the country
  • Kick ass live events
  • And–best for last–our Serious Founders master mind group. Find out more here. I promise, you don’t want to be left out

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