How to Eliminate the Guesswork Behind Building An Audience


What does it take to be an Entrepreneur? Join us as Stephen shares his Entrepreneurial mindset and an inside glance at his journey to becoming a successful Entrepreneur.

Stephen is a Best-selling author and digital marketing expert who helps entrepreneurs eliminate the guesswork behind building an audience, generating leads, and converting sales in a complex digital world.


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Success Quote

  • ‘Fear and procrastination are the enemies of success.’ – Unknown click to tweet!

Business Failure

  • Stephen was 28 year old, with millions of dollars, living the life in San Fran during the dot com boom. Then… POP! …The bubble burst, and he was left with NOTHING. Listen to the first step he took towards salvation.

Entrepreneurial AH-HA Moment

  • Perception is reality. Stephen kept convincing himself of his ‘shortcomings’. When he changed his mindset, his perception did an ABRUPT 180!

Current Business

  • Predictive ROI is the only company in the world that guarantees YOUR return on investment, or 100% of your $$ back! How can Stephen be so sure? Listen close and you’ll find out!

Small Business Resource

  • Google Docs: Create and share your work online and access your documents from anywhere. Manage documents, spreadsheets, presentations, surveys, and more

Best Business Book

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Interview Links

  • Predictive ROI: Founded on the principle that predictable results and guaranteed return on investment comes from proven practices, Predictive ROI offers an uncommon approach to digital marketing.

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