Start Up Tips For Young Entrepreneurs


Finding a job or career is harder than ever. With cutbacks and fewer roles being offered, competition for your dream job is rife. You’re going up against people who are just as talented, educated and creative as you are and there is only one position available. While you might get lucky, sometimes you won’t be. So it’s plain to see why so many young people are choosing the self-employment route. If you’ve got a fantastic business idea and fancy yourself as an entrepreneur, here are some top tips to get you started.

Write a thorough business plan

It doesn’t matter if you’re opening an online store or hiring out your services; you will need to write a business plan. This essential document will analyse your idea in detail and determine whether it is worth pursuing. You can get business plan templates online if you aren’t sure what to include.  You need to fill in each section as honestly and truthfully as you can. This plan will help you set realistic targets for your business to meet and how much you will need to set it up. It will also highlight whether there is a need for the product or service you are selling and what competition and issues you may have. This plan will change and evolve as your business grows, so take it seriously. It may seem like a chore when you want to get started, but it’s a vital part of the startup process.

Get a look (Build Your Brand)

Some of the best businesses have a distinct look and feel, which makes them stand out. So think carefully about your company name and the look you want. You want it to look professional and leave a lasting impression on your customers. Play around with some ideas on Photoshop or seek help from a graphic design student. They may be willing to work just for the experience which will save you some money. Before approaching a designer, come up with a few words that describe your business. This should provide them with some ideas and get you a sleek and professional looking logo. Also, think about any other promotional material you may need to include the logo on such as business cards and flyers. You can get these printed online for little money and can help you get more traffic and custom.

Promote yourself

business-841174_640How will anybody know about your business if you don’t get your name out there? Promoting your business should be a priority. Social media is one of the best promotional tools as it is quick, reaches a vast audience and gives your business some credibility. Also, consider press release distribution, blogging and competitions to get your name out there.

With these tips, you can begin planning your startup business in a positive and enthusiastic way. It will require a lot of hard work, dedication and will be frustrating at times. But if you’re enthusiastic about your product or service you will find a way to make it a success. Don’t let your age hold you back and get started today.


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