Three Essentials for Every Start Up

Good things come in threes, and three is a magic number. It’s small, easy to define and the start of just about anything of importance. Simpler is always better, and your startup is no exception. Would it be possible to take all the complexities of the business world and condense them down into a one, two, three step guide? Absolutely, yes.

And if this could be done you would have the perfect reference tool for every startup business. You’d have a place to come back to. A point of reference for when you find things getting too complicated or find out that you have taken the wrong turn. Here they are. Three essential steps for every startup.


It covers a lot. It’s a word with a big role. It lies at the core of everything that you want to do, are going to accomplish, and it will lie behind your success. There is no substitute for it and like our prime numbers, it is a building block of your success. Under its wide umbrella come dreaming, imagining and developing ideas. Notice how these start at the creative end of the spectrum and then slowly move towards strategy. That is the magic of successful planning. It rules nothing out, but as it progresses, it starts to take form. That then is the plan of your business, of any business, come to think of it. If you want to survive that all important first year, this is where you start. Get a plan.


Give it a name and it will have an identity. If it has an identity, it will stand out from all the other ‘cabbage-patch baby’ start-ups out there. Love it? Of course you do – it’s yours after all, but this is not all about you. This is about other people recognising you as an example of excellence. This is about people seeing you, noticing you and understanding what you can offer. Branding comes into everything you do. It is what you wear in the morning before you join the queue at the bus stop. It is your logo, and it is in your web design. Unless this is your speciality, get the professionals involved at this stage. Simplicity is great but sometimes in our little patch of the forest, we can’t see the wood for the trees. Outside expertise can give you an ‘ah ha’ moment. A little bit of clarity. A way forward. Establish your brand.


6132-three-carrom-coinsStep three is even simpler. It requires you to bring steps one and two together. Even the maths make sense. It’s the perfect triangle. Bring these two together and what you have is the real doing part of it all. Call it your strategy. It is marketing, it is selling, it is getting out there and cementing all those vital relationships that you have set up. It is advertising that works for you. It is your customer connection and the big party that is your startup in action.

The three steps are simple. Life is not complicated although we choose to make it so and dress it up in all manner of disguises. Stick to these steps and connect with professional services who can help you implement them. If things don’t work out, then you need to go back and work on one of these elements. Stick to them and they will never let you down.



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