Five Tips For Getting More People To Buy Your Product Than Ever


So you’ve set up a business, made a product and started to sell. Congratulations, you’re already getting further than a lot of people who aspire to get into business. But you’re reading this because you want to know how to sell more. Your current strategies aren’t working, so it’s time to go bigger. Below, we’ve got five tactics to help you do just that. You may have tried some of these before, but if not, you’re missing a step. You might want to remain and sell independently. You might be open to outside assistance. Whatever your desire, keep reading.

1. Get in touch with influencers

One of the best ways to get more people buying your products is to have someone they trust telling them to. Influencers are usually online personalities, such as bloggers or podcasts. They have a market of listeners they might be willing to inform about your product. Sometimes through sponsorships, other times through free trials. Just make sure you use influencers related to the product you want to sell, so you’re tapping the right audience.

2. Bring more people to your site

Of course, you should also be using your site to sell as many as possible. If your site isn’t bringing people to it, it needs to do more work. A lot of this can be achieved with search engine optimization. This helps your site appear higher in Google searches and other searches for relevant terms. This way, it can be paired with exactly the kind of audience looking for your products.


3. Use exhibitions

There are all manners of exhibitions and events relating to most industries and product types. Keep an eye out for these and other opportunities. Getting out there and taking your product on a tour can be a great way to get the word spreading about. There’s also usually some kind of press or blogging presence at exhibitions. If you’re lucky, you could be making an impression that spreads far and wide in the future. It’s also great for helping out with the next step we recommend.

4. Start getting in touch with retailers

Your best chance for selling a higher volume, if you can produce it, is through others. Retailers, wholesalers and distributors. Having the track record of selling at exhibitions is one way to convince them. Having a sell sheet and all your packaging and marketing prepared will help as well. You also might need to adapt it to be sold in retail environments. This could mean you have to buy barcodes, for instance.


5. Getting customers on your side

One of the best ways to start selling more is through using word of mouth. Getting customers on your side can help build up your brand, which will only bring more people to your product. Providing customer service can take place anywhere. It can mean using social media to help customers looking at your products. It can also mean having a live chat on your site so they can contact you directly without fuss.


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