The Anatomy Of A Happy Customer


What’s the most important part of your business? That’s right; the customer. Therefore, going the extra mile to keep them happy is the only logical blueprint for success.

But before creating happier customers, you need to know exactly what you’re aiming for. Let’s dissect this crucial element of the business operation to take a closer look…

Strong Connections

There is no doubt that customers respond better when they feel connected to the company, and the people behind it. Unfortunately, far too many modern businesses fail to show that personality. Instead, they are left with a bland venture that does very little to stir positive emotions.

A lack of market research is the chief reason. Quite frankly, understanding who your target audience is will give you far greater direction going forward. Not only will it boost your marketing strategies, but it’ll help you perfect your key business too.

No Stress

Shopping should be a smooth process. An unfriendly service isn’t the only danger either. As well as possessing the right staff, you need to have the right POS terminals too. A credit card machine will give you a modern, easy transaction process. And it’s just one more reason for customers to fall in love with your company.

A stressful process won’t only sever your ties with the one customer. A consumer that endures a bad experience is likely to tell up to nine people about the ordeal. The damage this can cause is huge. Conversely, though, they’ll also tell friends and relatives about positive ones too.


Perhaps the most important factor for the customer is trust. If they cannot be confident using your services, they won’t. Therefore, ensuring that their details are secure is vital. And that goes for digitally stored data too.

Meanwhile, offering great customer service will go a long way to putting their fears to bed. Whether it’s through social media, email or telephone doesn’t matter. Show clients that you will go above and beyond the call of duty to solve their problems, and you’ll soon build a loyal fan base.

The Wow Factor

Doing the fundamental basics well will stand you in great stead. However, your customers still need to feel excited about your brand. They need an incentive to use your services, and smarter marketing can help plant that seed of enthusiasm.

Creating videos or using interactive social media and blogging campaigns can have a fantastic impact. Get people talking about the brand and sharing your posts, and they’ll naturally want to buy your products too. Alternatively, give freebies to famous YouTubers. Once they talk up your company, the crowd will want to follow their idols.

Feeling Valued

A little appreciation goes a long way in business. Showing customers that you don’t just see them as a golden ticket will work wonders for your relationships and long-term profits. As such, promotional gifts carrying your logo can be an absolute winner.

Above all else, though, they need to feel that they are getting value for money. While offering special promotions can generate a quick upturn in sales, loyalty schemes can keep them coming back for more. And once they’re doing that, you’ve cracked it.


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