5 Collaborative Tools Your Business Should Implement

Business Concept

Business Concept

To promote efficiency and achieve improved levels of work output between employees, companies must encourage communication and collaboration. Internal business communication is vital, but many companies don’t put the necessary time and effort into improving this key facet of productivity. Technology is consistently revealing ways in which the professional sector can improve, and these collaborative tools are those most necessary for business growth.

A Discussion Forum


It’s essential to encourage information sharing in your office between ranks, from veteran workers to brand new hires. If you’re not looking to shell out money on business communication tools, one of the easiest and most inexpensive ways to improve communication is to encourage the use of a dedicated discussion forum, especially if you have a large number of employees on your roster. This will allow employees to quickly and efficiently get answers to pertinent questions, bring a sense of cohesion between departments, and encourage employees to feel more essential in the work processes.

ALM Software


If your company does any sort of developing, ALM software is essential. Inflectra produces project management and software testing tools meant to streamline every portion of the software development process. This application lifecycle management system offers interface systems through which employees in every department, in any location, can check in on progress and monitor the status of other portions of any singular project. This allows for quality assurance; mistakes can be detected at any point of the process, and this will allow your company to avoid costly repairs and reworks down the line. This central portal will serve as a beacon of connectivity for developers and the rest of your office, making it more conducive to crafting software that directly suits your specifications.

Remote Meeting Capabilities


Do you have employees that work remotely? While outsourcing can cut costs, it can also increase the frequency of miscommunication and deter collaboration. Cue ScreenConnect. This remote desktop software is designed to improve remote meeting capabilities, among a host of other duties. This software allows a primary user to host software on their own servers, with a central web application having the ability to be viewed both in and out of the local area network. If your meetings are screen sharing-heavy, this software is invaluable. ScreenConnect allows users to share their computer screen with numerous individuals, allowing for an unlimited number of attendees in any remote meeting. This will enable your employees to collaborate in real time, host training sessions, and speak with customers and clients, making it useful for any business, no matter the industry.

Email Streamlining


Emails get lost, discussions get confused, and email threads have turned into the bane of your professional existence—sound familiar? Chookka is a web-based conversation tool that can help your employees collaborate with other employees and customers alike. This simple tool can be aligned with existing email servers to access all shared files. Users can sort by topic, emphasize the importance of varied messages, and onboard outside individuals into pre-existing conversations to make for ease of communication.

Intranet Chat


It’s important to allow for instant messaging and immediate conversation between employees and departments. Investing in intranet chat services can ensure your employees are able to privately message pertinent information, and partake in group discussions that can see an entire team resolving an issue in less time than it would take to walk across the office. LAN Messenger is an intranet chat application that doesn’t necessitate a server, and will enable your office to send encrypted messages and file transfers.

Improved collaboration results in multiple benefits for any business type. It enables employees to achieve a better sense of self-awareness, understanding their competencies and areas in which they should improve. It allows for cohesive design work, which follows a product or service from conception to sale, and can help your organization continuously improve through consistent education. There are many benefits to be gleaned from collaborative efforts, so employ the aforementioned tools as they apply to your processes and improve productivity and office tenor in one fell swoop.


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