What Can A Tablet Do For A Small Business?


Tablets. Everyone seems to have one these days. Go back ten years, and the idea of carrying a tablet around seemed an absurd prospect. But, times have changed, and as great as tablets are for personal use, they’re also great as a business tool. These digital devices can do a lot of good for a flourishing business, as long as they’re used in the right way.

What is the right way, though? Let’s explore.

Digital Portfolios

You know when you need to go and visit a client in a hurry? The last thing you want to do is start carrying laptops around, waiting for them to boot and wasting time. Now, all you need to do is pack a tiny tablet with a pre-charged battery for this task. When you visit your clients, you can have a pre-made portfolio on your tablet to showcase. And, if you want to create it on your laptop but access it on your tablet, you can do that too. The power of the cloud makes this possible.

Payment System

Sometimes, we don’t want to be stuck with the confinements of a slow PC and an old payment system. Instead, we could use a tablet to implement a credit card reader system. This offers more flexibility than options of old. For example, waiters and waitresses might be able to bring the tablet directly to a customer’s table. With more options and additional software, this makes the payment process more streamlined.   


Presentations are often a very important part of any business, and we’ve traditionally used laptops for this purpose. We might connect our laptop to a projector, for example. While this is still an OK option, it can be overly complicated. Instead, we can now use tablets for the same purpose, making the process much faster and easier. And, the additional benefit of a touchscreen means that we don’t have to waste time clicking mice!

Paperless Processes

We’re living in an age where going paperless is seen as a very attractive prospect. Not only will it paint your business in a good light, but it’ll save costs too. Obviously, a tablet makes this possible through digital means like word processors. But, those with a technological mind will also use tools like digital signatures to enhance this further. Every business uses paper to some degree, but it shouldn’t be as much of a necessity when you’ve got a tablet around.

Social Media Marketing

Yeah, you can do social media marketing pretty much anywhere. Any type of computer would do, but mobile and tablet devices make it so much easier. Why? It’s that camera that sits on the back of the device. Social media marketing is enhanced greatly by the presence of relevant images. You don’t want to have to take a photo on a camera, connect it to a laptop and then transfer the images. Instead, a tablet lets you take an image instantly and share it with the world. It’s convenience on a very welcome level.


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