Startup Stresses: 10 Error Messages You Never Want To See


It’s hard enough trying to get a startup off the ground. The last thing you want is to be piled with error messages by a faulty Windows operating system. It’s alright if it’s a quick glitch in a software package. But, when that glitch turns into an entire system malfunction, you’re ready to throw the computer out the window.

These are the errors we’re focusing on today. They’ll make you tear your hair out, and you’re bound to have come across plenty of them. Think of this as a sort of self-help guide to get you through the stressful times!


Ah yes, the mother of all error messages. The BSOD is otherwise known as the Blue Screen Of Death, and it’s an error message that almost everyone has experienced at some point or another. It is often complimented with these words: “A problem has been detected and Windows has been shut down…” The problem with the BSOD is that it can signify any number of catastrophic errors. You might need the help of an IT support company if you get this one.

Unable To Sync

The problem with an error like this is that you rarely find out the cause. We have to sync all sorts of things in this modern digital world. In the business sector, it’s normally our emails that bounce between devices. When they’re unable to sync, we get mad. It can be a deep-rooted issue that is tough to solve, especially if you’re syncing between different software. Microsoft Outlook isn’t always willing to play ball with mobile-centric apps and tools.

Windows Explorer Has Stopped Working

Picture the scene. You’re browsing your files and folders in Windows Explorer, and you’re looking for an important document. It’s deadline time, and you need to get it sent across via email as quickly as you can. Then, it hangs, and nothing is responding. You’re faced with the message of ‘Windows Explorer has stopped working.’ It doesn’t get much more annoying than that! Again, this can signify a minor or major error, so it’s not always easy to rectify the issue.

There Are Currently No Logon Servers Available To Service The Logon Request

This isn’t an error message that most personal users will come into contact with, but it’s a regular in the business world. If you’ve got multiple staff logging into a server-based network, they’ll all have individual logins. When this message shows up on the screen, it can be tough to understand why they can’t access their profile. There are a few resolutions depending on the scenario, but it’s still a perplexing issue. Luckily for you, this shouldn’t require too much maintenance.

Your Upload Failed

This shares many similarities with what we said earlier about syncing. Why did your upload fail?! In many cases, you’re only limited to three words as an explanation for your inability to upload a file. It can signify a multitude of things, from a bad connection to a formatting error. But, it’s often far too difficult to get behind the scenes and figure out exactly what went wrong with that upload.

Device Is Not Compatible

We’re extending beyond the confines of the Windows operating system with this one. Unfortunately, the downside of using so many devices is that we can’t guarantee compatibility. We might want to use old software from years gone by, or we might want to use the same software across multiple formats. While some systems can get around these limitations, it often takes a long time to figure out how to do that. Ultimately, a message like this spells trouble and frustration for any business.

You Are Not Authorized To…

Don’t you just hate when you’re the owner of a business, and you’re told you’re not authorized to do something?! You own the business!! Unfortunately, this message can result from poorly implemented server processes by the administrator. Or, it can come about as a result of a glitch in the server, failing to give anyone access to certain files. This can become a real issue if left untreated, but it’s not for the faint hearted. You don’t want to be messing with any important system files if you’re not an expert.

Installation Failed

What’s worse than learning of incompatibility before you install something? The installation failing. It’s like getting your hopes up on Christmas morning, only to find the presents have been stolen from under the tree. To start with, the installation process lures you into a false sense of security. Then, an unintelligible error message presents itself at the 99% mark. Unless it’s a small oversight on your part, this error message normally indicates a much bigger issue. It’s not a fun thing to deal with.


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