How to Stop Human Error from Hurting Your Business


The most frustrating problems in your business often come from errors that could have been avoided. You knew full well when you hired your employees that they may make mistakes. That’s just a given. But the financial loss, customer dissatisfaction and lowered worker morale that comes from these missteps can be unnerving. Although you can’t completely rid your workplace of these problems, there are some steps you can take to keep them to a minimum. Here are some human error problems and solutions to think about.

Company Transparency

Did you know that your company’s culture is an important factor in preventing human error? It’s a sad fact that many workplaces have been unsuccessful at creating transparency among workers and supervisors. Sometimes workers fear retaliation from those above them if they open up about the problems they are experiencing.

If this describes your company’s culture, your employees won’t feel comfortable addressing human-error concerns. They’ll be more likely to cover them up to keep their job. Although there needs to be a balance between genuine concerns and griping sessions, transparency will go a long way in preventing human error in your business. Over time, you can build a high level of trust and transparency with your workers by better listening to them and working together for solutions.

Proper Staffing

There is a delicate balance when it comes to staffing your business appropriately. Too much staff and your employees will sit on their hands. Having too few workers will present its own challenges. If you’re understaffed, expect to see a big spike in errors at your workplace. Workers who do the job of several people are the most vulnerable. Cutting corners, the inability to look over a job after it’s completed, and carelessness caused by fatigue become daily occurrences in this case.

While your payroll may be kept lower, that doesn’t mean that your expenses will be. You’ll spend more in the long run if you stay understaffed. This will lead to a whole host of errors, burned-out workers and dissatisfied customers. You may need to hire an outside consultant to help you with this challenge if it has become a reoccurring issue.


Human error involving payments can be uniquely upsetting. It can cause you to miss deadlines for funds going out and keep you from getting paid accurately, or at all. As your business progresses, you will greatly benefit from a software program to help you handle the many complex transactions of your business. More and more businesses are profiting from installing Bacs Payment Software. Through its program, payments can be made and received automatically. The system can also flag potential payment issues to keep them from becoming major problems down the road.

Work Guidelines

Having too few or not enough guidelines for a job can lead to human error in the workplace. If you spell out what you want to be done for a job with unrealistic expectations, your employees won’t take your wishes seriously. If you provide too few instructions, you run the risk of your workers being unsure how to complete a task. It’s a good idea to periodically share feedback to see how work processes are going. You can then modify protocol and expectations to cut down on human error if needed.

Healthy Workers

By keeping employees healthy, business owners can maximize their staff’s performance and build a better work environment. Workers who regularly have too many tasks to complete properly, are expected to put in unrealistic hours, and who work in a potentially toxic work environment will inevitably lead to more human error.

Setting realistic limits on a daily and weekly basis for your workers will help. Overworking them will give neither you nor your worker what you desire. Your workers will resent being taken away from leisure and family activities and the presence of debilitating stress. You will be troubled by plummeting productivity. Take care of your workers with health incentive programs, the chance to do work remotely and realistic hours.


Every business owner would love to snap their fingers and make human error go away for good. Overcoming the many ways that human error can infiltrate your ranks takes time, though. By first identifying major culprits for error in your business and then implementing solutions, you’ll see major improvement. This will mean happier customers, employees and a happier you. You’ll also generate a lot more revenue in the process.


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