The Hard Work Is Done, Enjoy The Freedom


It has finally happened. After all the years of the 20+ hours on a daily basis, scrimping and saving every last hard-earned penny, ploughing cash injections in on a regular basis, approaching prospective backers and clients, and dealing with everything else the freelance life had to offer you, you can now sit back and be proud of your achievements.

At first it was a dream, then it became reality bit by bit. You gathered all the pieces of the puzzle and you managed to fit them all together. It wasn’t a fast process, of course. It took you years of hard work to fit that last piece of the jigsaw together. But, now, everything has come to fruition. Your brand has finally come to the fore and your belief and hunger in yourself, and your fledgling company, has worked out to the best of its capacity and potential. All the sleepless nights, spent in the company of your laptop, numerous mugs of coffee, and a business plan are no longer on the horizon and you can now sleep, content, knowing your brand is ready to reach out to the rest of the world.

Of course, a big majority of businesses are now run solely via the web. So, you would have spent an endless amount of time doing some research on how to make things work, with the easiest accessibility and control. You would have done research on how to build backlinks, how to manage SEO properly, and on how to maintain an original, resourceful presence online where people and potential customers would be able to go to your website with ease.

To begin with, it might have been a little stressful but with time and your goal in mind, it would have become easier. Then, without a doubt, you would have turned to your notes and then finalised staff costs, how to handle tax properly, and the financial implications of your brand – negative and positive.

But now all that is done and you can manage the company with a less hands-on approach, if you are that type of person. You have got the correct staff in place, and they know what they are doing. You could sort of ‘float’ around the business, tweaking this and tweaking that. A business always has an issue crop up, and that is where you could find yourself handling important aspects of the day to day routine of your business.

You should be proud of yourself. You can allocate the stress somewhere else, and put your mind to issues and concerns which you may have pushed to one side while developing your brand. Now, it is time to relax and enjoy the fruits of your hard work. Perhaps you could take a holiday, or treat yourself and your friends (or family) to a meal out where you can catch up properly with everyone. Yes, you have done the hard work. Now, let the hard work do the same for you and allow yourself to develop into the best boss any employee could wish for.


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