Emergency Ethics: Leading A Business In A Life-Threatening Situation


In business, as the owner, it is your responsibility to make sure that your employees are safe in their working environment. There are many methods in which you can do this, but when it comes to communicating workplace safety, you can start by educating your employees on the correct business procedures for emergencies that arise. But when it comes to the health and safety aspects of your employees in a physical working environment, there are some fundamentals that you need to know and your employees need to know. While many large businesses have their own safety officers, many small businesses cannot afford this luxury. So in the case of an emergency, here are some things that it is worth communicating for the benefit of everyone.

The most common workplace emergency is a fire, so you need to communicate to your staff the right escape procedures. Explain the best way to exit the building, where the exits are closest as well where alternative exits are located. Delegating duties to one or two members of staff that can perform tasks in case of an emergency, such as announcing an evacuation or getting a head count outside at the meeting place after the evacuation, are important tasks to keeping your employees safe during these difficult times.

If there is a very real threat to life in the workplace due to a fire, there are basic steps that you can help yourself to cope in this situation, such as creating a barrier between you and the fire by heading into a room that is unaffected by the fire, and shutting the door while also putting a wet cloth in the gap of the door to help seal the smoke out. So you can wait safely until the emergency services arrive.

The old notion of prevention being better than cure is one that applies to workplace emergencies. So by implementing the right systems and technology will work in your favor, such as finding the best emergency communication system for you, which can help identify potential threats and the best practices your business can implement in case of an emergency. These emergency communication system suppliers can also help to provide round-the-clock support when it comes to messaging the right people in a quick fashion, as well as providing information on the best methods to protect your data.

While you can make sure your business is covered with all manner of systems, overall the best practice you can implement as a business leader, is to ensure that each and every staff member is resilient, resourceful, and is knowledgeable in every security measure. This could be communicated by e-learning packages or by having a security expert communicating potential risks to a business, so that the message is put across firmly.

It pays for staff to be aware of the consequences of human error and by identifying suspicious activity in the workplace, whether it is from colleagues or complete strangers.

Being on your guard is an important method to ensuring a business that is secure overall.


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