Tips For Untangling Your Website


For any startup business, creating a website that captures the attention of potential clients and customers will be a top priority. With hundreds of millions out there to compete with, you’ll be entering a highly competitive marketplace and will want to make sure everything is just right from the moment it is launched.

Hold Their Attention From the Start

Many people spend only a few seconds on a site before making a snap judgement about the business so you really need to make that time count. In recent months, it has become increasingly popular to fill your site with big, bold statements that get across exactly what you are trying to do in just a few words.

Many websites have fallen into the trap of becoming too cluttered by filling their pages with animations, pop ups and other distractions. In a world where everyone is constantly bombarded by content from all sides, there is something to be said for a site that is simple and easy to navigate. Just because it is minimalist doesn’t mean that it has to be boring, so you can choose a bold colour scheme that grabs the attention of the user. There are plenty of Low Cost Website Design services out there that will create a site that is just right for you.

Keep Your Content Fresh

You will obviously have some core content on your site that stays fairly consistent, and you need to make sure everything is just right before your site goes live. It is worth consulting an SEO expert to ensure that your content helps drive your site up the rankings on search engines.

Another factor that will influence your SEO is keeping your content updated on a regular basis. A news or blog page is a great way to add content that will interest your potential clients and keep them coming back time and time again. It will also have a comments page that will allow you to have instant interaction with them. However, make sure you are committed to keeping this page regularly updated as it simply gives off a bad impression if you don’t.

Add Bespoke Photography and Videos

So many websites fall into the trap of using stock photography that doesn’t give a unique impression of what your business is offering. Try using your own photos to add a personal touch, or even get some photos professionally taken. If you are starting the business on your own, it’s a good idea to have some good quality photos of yourself as this gives your company a sense of personality.

Video content is also extremely important for a huge number of websites these days. People are willing to watch videos while they may not be willing to read huge amounts of written content. A short video on your homepage that gives a clear overview of your business can go a long way in telling your story, and exactly why clients should use your services above your competitors.


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