Just In Time! How To Save Time At Work


Streamline Your Processes

If you want to save time at work, you need to figure out where exactly you can get that time. Often, refining processes that are already going on in your office can help you get a few minutes back. For example, try holding meetings where you’re all standing up – it’s been proven that they don’t last as long. You could also think about how many people have to approve each thing that more junior employees do. Consider changing the hierarchy and giving them more of your trust and therefore more responsibilities so fewer people have to sign off on their work.

Trust Your Staff

A lot of people advise that if you want to save time at work, you should ask your staff to fill in timesheets so you can see where exactly they’re using their time and what they’re doing almost every minute of the day. However, timesheets are not something that many trusting bosses would ask their staff to fill in – on the contrary, make sure that you give your employees regular breaks so that they feel refreshed and enthusiastic about coming to work. Lethargy and monotony are much worse for productivity in the workplace than a few breaks. Trying to monitor your staff too closely will ruin your relationships with them and their loyalty to your company in the end.

Update Your Technology

It’s important to remember that technology keeps changing all the time and a lot of the new technology that’s produced can help you to save time. If you’re not completely sure about what you need, it’s a good idea to talk to an IT services company that can help you decide what exactly is right for your business.

Close Your Emails

When you’re doing a task that you really want to focus on, have you ever considered closing down Outlook for an hour or so and fully focusing on the task at hand instead? It’s so easy to get distracted by other tasks if you can constantly see new emails pinging into your inbox in the corner of your screen and in the end you might just find that each task takes you longer than it needs to. Make sure that someone else monitors the company’s social media in that time.

Go Paperless

If you really want to shave some extra time off your work day, why not consider going paperless? It’ll dramatically reduce the time that you and everyone else you work with spends standing at the printer wondering why it won’t work – and it’ll also be a whole lot easier to find documents you need. It’s a lot quicker to search through documents on your computer than a huge filing cabinet full of paper, after all.

Prioritize Your Work

Most of all, it’s important to assign each piece of work that you have to do a different priority level – do you need to do it immediately? Make sure that you focus on the critically important and immediate tasks first before moving onto the other ones.


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