Turn Your Idea For A Book Into A Business



If you have an idea for a book, the chances are that you are really excited about the prospect of becoming a published author and joining the echelons of writers who are household names. You are dreaming of the royalty checks streaming in, making you richer than you have ever been before and find yourself daydreaming about attending highbrow literature festivals, with venues packed out at the just the whisper of your name. But, of course, you need to find the time to write your book first – and that can mean some brave and hard decisions.

It is not uncommon for writers to take breaks from their jobs, in order to write a book, or they turn to part time hours so they can have more time to themselves to write, while still maintaining a cash flow. It can really hard to actually finish a book – starting one can be much easier depending on your creative flow and the way you work – but getting down to finish a book can, indeed, take much longer than you initially planned.

It is also difficult to earn a comfortable living as a writer – let alone a lavish one – so you will need to do all you can to ensure your name is known and that your writing gathers a following. A finished book can take numerous edits and rewrites until is fully formed into the work that you want it to be. Once your book is written, and you feel that it is completely finished it could be a good idea to save backup copies of the finished work, either online or in a folder on your computer that is password protected. You never know, your book may be a best seller and could become extremely famous – it is up to you to protect your work. Once you have saved electronic copies, and have hard copies in a notebook or other forms of handwritten notes, you could do what a lot of people do with important documents – use a shredder from Paper Shredder Pros to destroy any potential cloning of your work.

Once your book is complete, it is then up to you to decide whether to self-publish or traditionally publish. Once your book is published, there is a chance you can make good money from it and earn your living that way – therefore you could eventually turn your idea for a book into your own self-employed business, doing what you love!

Do not be downhearted when you get rejection letters. Every writer in the world has been rejected during their career Рeven the most famous writers have received rejections only for their books to become bestsellers worldwide and some of these books have even ended up holding an important place in today’s literature scene.

If you firmly believe your idea for a book has the potential to be popular and will be received well, then a good and astute piece of advice is this: just go ahead and write it.


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