Five Hats The Entreprenuer Needs To Wear Well


A good entrepreneur is someone who spots an opportunity and knows just how to take advantage of it on the market. But there are a lot of factors that play into being good at that. You need to have an acute awareness of the market, its needs, and how you fit them. But you also need to think about the hats you need to wear when facilitating that.

The visionary

It’s a cross between the leader and the salesperson. You have to be able to get people on your side, to get them engaged and facing their efforts in the right direction. A great leader doesn’t just tell people what to do. A great leader empowers them and gets them putting their all toward a goal. The visionary needs to know not only how to sell a product, but how to sell an idea to people so that they’re never short of those willing to offer what they can to the greater good of the vision.

The manager

Having a goal isn’t the only thing a good team needs in order to work alongside you. They’re also going to need someone to effectively manage the team. This means organizing workloads, helping people deal with productivity issues by finding the right tools for them and the like.

The networker

Networking is crucial in business. Especially if you’re in B2B industries, where the kind of network marketing that teaches is essential to finding, qualifying, and closing leads. Beyond finding customers, networking will let you find allies in the industry who can collaborate with you, from doing joint marketing to even lending you the occasional member of their own highly skilled teams. If you’re too shy to talk to others, you won’t be able to make it as an entrepreneur, so work on that.

The talent scout

While networking, you’re also a lot more likely to encounter to the fresh new faces in the industry looking to make friends and find opportunities. As an entrepreneur, finding the best new talent should always be a focus of yours. Entrepreneurs deal in people as much as anything else. They need the right friends, the right allies, and the right understudies.

The survivor

Entrepreneurs also need to learn to be able to take a hit. At the end of the day, those connections you make might fall away. But you have to have the resilience to stick it through and either find the next opportunity or stick to your guns and turn a failure into a success. The habits of resilience, highlighted at sites like, are crucial to being able to tough it out in the demanding world of business.

Getting an idea at the roles you need to be good it is crucial to make it as an entrepreneur. Without the right ability to find, to connect with, to lead, and to inspire people, you will be forced to do most of the work alone. Without resilience, you won’t even be able to do that


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