Bullseye! Hit The Target Market


When you’re marketing your business, you need to think about your target audience. There is no product or service that is completely universal. There will always be people who will never be interested in buying, and that’s true, no matter what you’re selling. This is why it’s always beneficial to seek out your target audience. These are the individuals who match your product or service perfectly and therefore are always going to be interested in buying. For instance, for a car mechanic, a target audience would be anyone having car trouble. This might include a number of different groups of people including private car owners, managers of fleets and big businesses. So, how can you identify your target market and what options do you have when you’re selling your product to them?

Know Your Audience

To identify and understand your target audience, you need to know who they are. What do they want, what is their problem and how can you solve it? A target audience for a home cleaning company is homeowners who don’t have time themselves to clean. They’re busy, they live hectic lives, and they are tired of coming back to find their home a mess. Already you can see how recognising your target market could help you create an awesome promotional campaign. You just need to advertise as a hassle free solution to this particular problem.

But you can go further than that. With this info, you might even be able to think about the type of websites they visit online. People unhappy with the way their home looks or feels will probably be searching on designer blogs. When you know this, you can then look for blogs offering options for sponsored content. At that point, you can start marketing directly to your target audience.

Understand Socio-Economic Factors

It is possible that your target marketing is defined by socio-economic factors. If that’s the case, then you need to think about targeting people based on things like their level of income or even where they live. You can do this using mailing lists or if you’re a B2B company, business lists. Using lists like this, you will again be able to market directly towards people interested in your product or service. Niche companies do this all the time to hone in on their specific market. For instance, Bentley aren’t going to sell a lot of cars or find much interest in a working class neighborhood. They will, however, see plenty of market interest in gated streets in the suburbs close to major cities.

Make It Personal

Finally, one of the best pieces of advice we can recommend when marketing to a target customer is to make sure it’s personal to them. If a customer things you’re speaking directly to them or even someone like them you have already won the sale. You can do this by selecting language carefully. “If you are a small business owner in Brooklyn you’ll know…” You can use a hook like this on marketing materials that are going to be seen by that specific audience. Address who they are and then show them what you can offer.


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