Mobilise For Mobile: Engaging Customers On Smartphones & Tablets


The rise of handheld devices such as smartphones and tablets has skyrocketed in the past five years or so. And it means that there has been a shift in priority for online marketers for businesses in every industry.

The trend towards accessing services and searching for products is now firmly in the direction of mobile over a desktop, and if you aren’t looking for ways of embracing the change, your company will suffer.

With this in mind, how can businesses mobilise their marketing efforts and put a bigger focus on mobile to engage their customers? We’re going to look at a few examples of some of the techniques that might prove fruitful for your company – let’s get started right away.

Free Wi-Fi

First, let’s take a look at something that every shop or physical business can benefit from – offering free Wi-Fi to everyone that enters your building. Let’s say you are a coffee shop, and want people to order another drink, or prolong their stay by ten minutes or so. Given the amount of time people spend on their phones these days and their demand for constant connectivity, it makes sense that you provide them with that option. Not only will you see an increase in customer satisfaction, but you can also use your Wi-Fi service to offer discounts and deals in exchange for them signing up to your service, or following you on social media.

Mobile apps

It wasn’t so long ago that many businesses were wary of the return on investment from the cost of creating a mobile app. These days, however, it’s a different story. The technology has moved on hugely in recent years, and the top mobile app companies are capable of producing exceptional results for your business. Not only can apps help you increase your customer base, but if your service is helpful, useful, and enticing to your audience, they will use it all the time. And that gives you instant access to promote your services at any time of day.

Geolocation services

Many consumers will happily sign up to location-based services if they are offered discounts and deals in return. And that means that geolocation is a powerful marketing tool for your business. You could investigate something like Beacon technology which can send contextual, targeted, and location specific messages to your customers whenever they are nearby. It should drive footfall, encourage sales, and results in a better presence on – and off – line.

Mobile payments

Is your business embracing mobile payments? If not, you are in good company – but be aware that we are all moving towards mobile payments whether you like it or not. Giving your customers the opportunity to pay by mobile will give you vital purchase history details, which you can then use to craft specific messages to engage them better and encourage a return.

As you can see, mobile engagement isn’t just beneficial for your business – it’s also incredibly important. As we move towards the future, smartphones and tablets will become even more ubiquitous than they are already, and savvy business owners and marketers should be acknowledging that fact right now.


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