Things to Consider Before Hiring Software Developers

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A software developer seems to be the employee of choice when growing your startup idea. This is because creating a custom piece of software to match your exact needs can be cost effective, but it’s also highly customizable and you don’t need to fiddle with plugins or add-ons to get the right features that you need to be a productive company. This is why software developers are so highly sought after; they offer a way for companies to become self-reliant.

However, before you hire a software developer there are a few things you need to consider. Below are just a couple of points to think about before you start the interviewing process.

Is it too early to hire a software developer?

Keep in mind that it takes time before a software developer is fully integrated into your business. Developing an application for your needs can take some time, and there are a lot of extra tools needed in order to accomplish that. For instance, you’ll need something like a Stackify logging service in order for your developers to collect data on how the software they created is functioning. This adds to the additional costs of maintaining a software developer, and these costs might eat into your startup’s budget, making it an impractical investment.

You also need to consider your personal needs. A software developer can be a powerful asset, but they aren’t needed for most companies that could get by with just typical software. There is probably some cheap or even free software solution out there that can be used by your startup that doesn’t need much maintenance.

What tools and languages they will be working in?

If you already have a basis of what you need, then you should consider the developer’s credentials. For instance, if a system you use focuses on Java, then you’re going to need a Java developer. If you need something created that accesses an SQL database, then you’ll need a developer who is proficient with SQL. Web developers are also a different field compared to software developers that work in C# or C++, and program knowledge is also important because using Eclipse and Visual Basic is different.

However, the sign of a great programmer is their ability to understand and learn multiple languages. If you aren’t entirely sure what tools or programming languages you need, then a software developer will be able to advise you on additional developers to hire, programs to use and which language will suit your needs.


If you don’t have a plan for your developers yet, then it’s a good idea to hold back and wait until you have a proper use for software developers. They’re expensive to hire and their work can take a very long time to start showing results, so you have to be a hundred percent confident in the investment you make if you want to get the most out of your new employees. In short, wait until you have a clear use for a software developer before you put out a recruitment message.


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