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So you have invented a product. It could be anything. A game, a new kind of furniture, clothing, whatever you have done would have taken hard work on your part, so well done. But, if nobody sees it, it would all have been for nothing. You need to get your product under the noses of the right people. It needs to be let free. You may be nervous. All creative types are. Yet, if you don’t give it a chance it will never succeed. There are all kinds of ways you can push your product towards success. But the key is never to give up. If the many millionaire inventors gave up on their first try then they wouldn’t be successful as they are. You must secure the future of your business and it can only be done by promoting your product. You can find many ways to do so in this article. They are in no particular order, and you may have tried some of them. But try the others and see if they work for you. If you have yet to try and sell your product, then doing a few of these at once is your best bet.

Get Your Product In A Video

Videos are watched all the time. Just look at social media and the amount of videos that pop up as you scroll down through its pages. They are far easier to watch than read. There are some great examples of video marketing success out there too, one small college increased enrollment and quadrupled endowments using targeted video marketing. It is possible to make a huge hit with it. If you get your product in the right video it could do you wonders. It all depends on the product you have created, it will dictate the video. Just look at all of the advertisements on TV. Each one is a video catered to a specific product. Look at similar products to yours and see what the competitors have been doing. Video marketing professionals can help you out, but you should be there to give some direction. This medium can reach millions and is a sure fire way to drum up interest in your product.

Pitch It

You may have seen Dragon’s Den or Shark Tank. This is the kind of things you want to do. The best way of getting your product out there can be through investment. These investors will have an insight into the world of business and can get your product out there or into the right stores. You just need to give a good account of yourself during the pitch. They are investing in you too, not just in the product. Dress in a suit or tidy businesswear. Have the facts and figures to hand. How much does the product cost to manufacture? How much are you selling it for? What is the history behind it? How will it benefit the life of the purchaser? These are all aspects you need to consider and have the answers for. Don’t be afraid to take a notepad in with you if you aren’t good with your figures. These pitches happen all the time. You could be pitching to get into a huge retail chain or simply pitching for some extra cash.

Get Some Feedback

Get a group of customers who could be interested in the product you are offering and ask them for feedback. This is one of the first steps in getting your product out there. They could come up with key issues of points of interest you had yet to think about. Getting a customer listening group together is easier than you think. They can poke holes and it may hurt, however you could really make some startling discoveries and there will be positives to take from it too. It can be a nerve wracking experience if you are yet to show it to others beyond friends and family, but feedback is a gift. It is better to have this on board before taking your product out to the major players who will decide if it is a success or failure.

Ask A Professional To Review It

This can be a tough thing to do and something that really gets your nerves on edge. However, it can really make the difference to the potential sales. People are more likely to buy a product if it is proved good by someone who really knows their stuff. If you have a game, ask pro gamers to take a look. The exposure on youtube channels will be huge. Or a game’s journalist. You can do the same for clothing or makeup. Ask reviewers to take a look for you. If the reviews aren’t good, suck it up and realize there are improvements that need to be made. If they are good, you’ve just got the seal of approval form industry experts. Their resulting article may be published in magazines or on internet websites. It’s a great way to get out there. Offer the product freely as an incentive. It could make completing the review a more alluring prospect and pull in people who would otherwise say no.

Sell It Through A Website

To start a following you can start selling it privately through websites like Amazon and Ebay. This can be your springboard to get into more prestigious sales environments. If you have a proven track and sales record then people will be far more likely to take you on. You can also see general consumer feedback and act on it. Amazon provides reviews, it is one of the aspects that make the site great. Use these reviews to work out how well your product is going down. This is a good way of picking up some initial sales for your product and a good way to gauge its success. You may think it is amazing, others may not. But, you will never know until you get your product out there for the world to see. Good luck!


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