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Many new startups fail for a myriad of reasons. One of these is that they did not give enough thought to the security of their business before going ahead and setting up. Security is a huge aspect that all businesses need to think about especially in this day and age. If you want your business to succeed then you make it secure, so that no one wishing it harm can come near to it at all. There are various ways to do this, and although you may have given it some thought these points could give you further ideas regarding your business.

Establish A Perimeter

If there is a form of perimeter then potential thieves and vandals may have trouble getting in. This is a must if you run some kind of fleet based company like a taxi firm or fleet of trucks. Normal shops have walls, this is a perimeter. You need one too. It can be an internal perimeter, such as a fence within a location to keep people out of high risk areas where you store items of significant worth.  Your best bet is to hire commercial fence contractors. If you have a physical barrier then they can’t do much and only the most determined of thieves can get in. If you think things are bad consider hiring a night watchman, or even dogs who can protect your property.


You need it. These days it comes quite cheap too. You can use CCTV that is motion activated, so that you don’t waste electric and power, meaning it will only be activated when something trips the sensor. Having this on hand is a great way to keep your assets safe, first because it acts as a put off for anyone who wanted to steal but also because if it captures the thieves it can aid in their capture, meaning you may get your stuff back anyway. You can even get the footage beamed straight to your smartphone, so you can have peace of mind knowing everything is okay unless the sensor trips.

Computer Security

Physical threats aren’t the only issue these days. You also need to worry about hackers and people who will maliciously send you things that could ruin your systems and client data. First, educate your workforce. They need to know that opening things like unsolicited email attachments can cause serious viruses that may ruin your setup. Then, you need to invest in quality business virus protection. There are all kinds available so search for what you think will benefit you most. Think about ditching the server altogether and using cloud computing which has strode forward in recent years. It means you are safe from physical attack like vandalism and also fire and the like whilst also being much harder to hack because you are based on the cloud. It also means you can access key business data from wherever you are, meaning workforce productivity shoots up dramatically. No more carrying irksome hard drives or USB sticks around.


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