Jack Of All Trades?


Start-ups are unlike any other type of company for a number of reasons. But one of the reasons that stick out the most, for many is, as they are so small, employees need to be pretty flexible with their job description. That is, they have to be a bit of a ‘jack of all trades.’ As there is no one else in the company to pick up the slack. Even if the are employed as a specialist first and foremost. But is this a clever and economical way to work? Or could it be damaging your business? Read on to find out.


One problem with the lack of specializing in some start-ups is that the quality of the job being done can suffer. That is why there is specialization in the first place. So someone that is trained and experienced to a high level can work solely on jobs that are relevant to said training and experience. Which of course enables that job to be done to the highest quality possible.


However, a lack of specialization isn’t all bad. In fact, in small start-ups, it can be the most cost effective way of covering all of your bases. This is because the reality is that most start-ups only have a finite budget, to begin with. Which leaves employing a specialist for every single job role, out of reach.

Finding folks that don’t mind picking up some additional roles apart from their main job means you can get done everything that needs to be sorted. Without ruining your budget before you have even begun.


However, you do need to consider the effect of this in the long term. Some flexible folks might not mind picking up a few extra bits here and there when you first start out. But over a longer period of time this can lead to frustration and stress for them.

Remember they have spent a lot of time and money to become fluent in the area that is their main specialism. So constantly doing work outside of this isn’t going to help them maintain much job satisfaction. That means you can risk losing good employees because you are asking them to spread themselves too thin. You can find out more about employee retention at http://www.resilium.com.au/advice-centre/staff-resources/.


Another issue that you might want to be aware of when asking your employees to be a ‘jack of all trades’ is how effective their efforts will be. Especially in the areas in which they are not experts.

For example, you might ask your SEO specialist to branch out and have a go at your entire marketing strategy. But are they going to be able to do a good a job as a professional trained in this area? This is something to really think about before handing out extra jobs willy nilly. As it doesn’t matter how much money it is saving you, if it is not effective in bringing money in.

If you, do find yourself in this sort of situation, it can be more cost effective the long run to contract in professional companies. You can browse at flagshipdigital.com.au/lead-generation/ for more information in regard to doing this for marketing.

Using a professional for things like marking instead of handing it to someone who has a vague idea of what they are doing, can make all the difference. Particularly in start-ups, where the margins are slim to begin with.


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