Are You An Accidental Criminal?


Obviously, you would instinctively answer no to that question but note, we did say accidentally. As a business owner, it’s entirely possible that you are not fully aware of legal regulations in your company. You might be vaguely aware that by copying content online you are breaching copyright laws. But do you know what content you can and can’t share? Do you understand how to source content you share online for marketing purposes correctly? This is just one example of how business legal issues might be more complex than you think.

There are plenty more. For instance, you may want to think about health and safety levels in your company. Are you sure you’re ticking off all the right boxes with the setup within your business? Again, it’s entirely possible that key information is being missed. So, how can you make sure you’re not accidentally breaking the law in your company?

Hire A Legal Advisor

Your first step should be to hire a legal advisor in your business. They will make sure that you are keeping on top of any regulations that could impact your business. You might think that a legal advisor is an expensive and unnecessary investment for your company. However, you would be wrong. First, you can get advice by using an outsourced HR team. Doing this, you should be able to keep costs low while still getting the support you need. Second, legal issues can seem as though they have been written in a completely different language. They are not intended to be understood by a lay person. Therefore, even if you are regularly reading up on the legal changes yourself, you might not fully understand how it could impact your company.

Understanding Little Details

There are so many ways you can accidentally break the law by getting little details wrong with the setup of your business. For instance, if you don’t have the right sanitary waste disposal in place for your company, you can be penalised by health and safety regulators. While this might seem like a victim-less crime, it can lead to the spread of illness, bacteria, and infection. This could be harmful to your employees and your clients, so it’s certainly something that is worth looking into.

Knowing Your Legal Accountability

You must be aware that when you run a business, you are accountable and responsible for everything that happens. So, if an employee is abusive to a client, this could be your responsibility if a legal avenue is pursued. Or, you might be held accountable if an employee is injured due to the setup of your office. While you won’t technically have broken the law someone within your business may have. If that’s the case, you will be expected to pay the price. This is just one of the reasons why it’s in your best interest to know where you stand legally.

There are defenses for employers who want to avoid accountability when an incident happens in their business. But it is important to understand that ignorance is not one of them. As such, it pays to have all the legal knowledge about running a company.


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