Don’t Be A Cowboy Builder


Running a construction business is difficult. Not because of the industry, as construction work is always needed somewhere, but because the challenge of making a worthwhile name for your business is hard to overcome. Small mistakes can completely tarnish the reputation of any building company, as people are nervous when they entrust such a big project with a business; they’d rather trust the company with no blemishes against its name, rather than the business which make a costly error on their last job.

Whilst you may have honest intentions when entering the construction industry, not every “cowboy builder” intentionally earns that title. As your company grows, you’ll need to work harder and harder to ensure that every project you undertake is completed to the same high quality as the last. When you let standards slip, you put your business’ name at risk. Fail to plan, and you plan to fail. If you want to avoid your construction company becoming known as a gang of cowboy builders, then here are some pieces of advice to avoid earning that title.

Train your workers.

This is perhaps the most important piece of advice any construction business can be given. If you want to avoid mistakes and botched jobs, ensure that the people you employ have the same values and standards of quality in terms of completing a construction project that you do. Your employees reflect on the company, and you should ensure they’re well-trained, along with having the correct qualifications, before you let them conduct any sort of work on-site. One botched-up piece of work means a botched-up reputation for your construction business as a whole, which can be tough to recover in such a competitive industry. Future clients might find it hard to trust you if you employ dodgy builders.

Check machinery and materials.

Even the most experienced team of workers can be let down by the machines or the equipment with which they’re working. If you do an excellent by-the-book job, but your materials are shabby or the gear you’re using is starting to wear out a little, then you might be putting the entire project at risk. It’s vital that you regularly and consistently ensure everything your construction business uses on site is well-maintained. You could look into an electric hoist company to ensure your hoist and crane machinery is all up to scratch. Whether we’re talking about a huge piece of machinery which could put the build or workers’ lives at risk if it’s faulty, or simply a shabby piece of wood which might do a poor job at providing structure to a household in the future, maintaining a high standard across all aspects of a build is so important.

Complete jobs on time.

Completing a job well is one thing, but completing a job within the deadline is quite another. If you’re building a house for a family or a new office block for a small company, the deadline you give them is vitally important. They might be counting on the exact date of completion that they’ve been given. If it’s a home construction, leaving people without anywhere to live for longer than they expected could be costly and frustrating for them. Keep up the good image of your company, and don’t exceed deadlines.


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