Impress From The First Address


First impressions are crucial in your business model. You may not realise this but a client or customers has decided whether they are going to use your business or service within a few minutes of meeting you. As such, you need to make sure that they are getting your A game straight away. Otherwise, you have only yourself to blame for a lost sale and lower level of profit. So, how do we get things on track and impress the customer straight out the gate?

Here’s My Card

Everything about your business presentation must be on point from the first time you meet that new client. For instance, you might not meet them in a business setting at all. Lawyers, for instance, head down for happy hour after work. It’s here that they find potential clients down in the dumps, in search of a helping hand. With a quick nod of the head, shake of the hand and a passing of a business card, they’ve created a new lead. It’s the card that’s important here. It needs to be professionally designed and look like it’s being given out by a pro-business man or woman. You can’t afford for customers to think, even for a second that you are not genuine. Or worse, that you’re not successful.

Don’t Keep Them Waiting

If you want to win over customers, you need them to feel special, important and taken care of. This means that customers shouldn’t be left on hold for long because this will essentially mean that they don’t feel like they are worth your time. You also shouldn’t leave them waiting in reception for long periods, anxious for a meeting with you. You might think this is a way of showing them that you don’t need their business but you also showing that you don’t care. That’s a dangerous balancing act you’re trying to pull off. It’s far better to make them feel as though they are number one rather than that you’re so busy you don’t have time for them.

Styled To Stun

We do need to think about how your business looks to new clients. Does it seem like a place that has a lot of money to burn and does it look like it’s run by people who care about the little details? If it is, there will be reception furniture that is both elegant and luxurious. It should look as though it’s been ripped straight out of a five-star hotel entrance hall. Details like this will guarantee that your clients are genuinely impressed and excited to see more of your company.

Better Than The Rest

Last but certainly not least you need to think about who you have working for your business. The key players in your company need to be dressed to impress and ready to make clients swoon for your company. As such, you should pick members of your team very carefully.

Good luck with making the best impression with your company. If you take our advice, we guarantee your customers won’t look back once they have entered your office.


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