Is Your Company Giving Off A Fantastic First Impression?

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First impressions count. We’re told that continually throughout our lives. They are important to help you get the job or your dreams or that prized place on a prestigious college course. And they also help us make lifelong friends. But it’s not just individuals who give off first impressions; so do companies! And, just like with people, a company’s first impressions count.

Lots of studies show that if companies give off a good first impression, they are a lot more likely to strike the best deals for them. They will also find that they don’t have to do quite as much hustle as some companies, as potential clients and customers will come straight to them. There won’t be any need to try and pitch for work and contracts!

So, as you can see, your company’s first impressions are incredibly important. Get them right, and it could lead to lots of success and a very profitable future. Get them wrong; your company could end up in the red a lot quicker than you had hoped! Not too sure if your company is giving off the right first impressions? Here are some ways you might be able to improve.

Train Your Staff

Every company knows that their customer service staff need to be friendly and cordial towards their customers and clients. If customers have a good experience dealing with your staff, then they will be much more likely to return and use your business again. The same goes for your clients. So, it is safe to say that all customer service staff need to be highly trained in dealing with customers, both over the phone and face to face. You should also train them in how to conduct a professional chat using online chats, which are quickly becoming a trendy customer service tool. However, did you realize that it is also necessary to ensure that all of your employees are well-trained in dealing with customers, even those who don’t come into contact with them on a day to day basis? You never know when someone will need to speak to a customer, so it is best to ensure you have covered all your basis and trained everyone to deal with the public in a professional and genial manner.

Improve The Parking Area

If some of your customers and clients will be meeting you at your office or headquarters, it is important that you do not neglect your car park or parking area. Ideally, it needs to be well-maintained and well lit. This will help the car park come across as safe and secure, so customers will be happier leaving their car in it. If it is fairly sizable, it is a good idea to reserve the closest spaces to your building. If customers see that you are careful enough to reserve convenient spaces for them, they will instantly think that you respect them.

Hire A Receptionist

When customers and clients arrive at your office or HQ, they will expect a warm and friendly welcome. If you and all your dedicated staff are very busy. Then it could be difficult to even find five minutes to nip through to your reception area to greet the customer or client before you are due to meet with them. This is where a receptionist comes in. Hiring a receptionist who can welcome visitors is a great way to improve your company’s first impressions. They can take care of the visitor while they wait for their meeting and can offer them a coffee or glass of water. Make sure there are some magazines or newspapers in your reception area so that guests can read while they wait for you.

Create A Modern Brand

Of course, there will be some customers and clients who don’t meet you and your company in the flesh. They will find you online, and their first impressions will come from looking at your website. These days, lots of people expect websites to be slick and very easy to navigate. But you also need a fresh and modern brand design that will stand out to visitors and attract traffic to your site. One of the key parts of your brand’s overall look is your company logo. If you need to get help with your logo and want to find a designer to create a new, make sure that they design something that feels completely unique and individual. You don’t want your logo to blend into all the thousands that are out there already!

Get A Good Front Door

Once you have developed a fabulous brand and excellent logo, you should get some signs made to hang on your office front door. These will help visitors find your offices, and will also help to create a great first impression before they have stepped into your workspace. Once you have hung your sign, make sure you regularly check it to ensure it stays clean and visible. It will also be useful to place a light above the front door to make it even more visible and easier to find.

Improve Social Media Communication

Another place in which customers and clients could create their first impression of your company is online on social media. Every company should have social media profiles these days as there are thousands and thousands of clients and potential customers online. Adding yourself to social media helps to get your company’s name out there. But you should ensure that all of your Facebook statuses and tweets are always highly professional and don’t give the wrong impression. Otherwise, everyone who sees them might get the wrong idea. So make sure that all of your employees who work on your company’s social media all know what is expected of them. Ideally, they should tweet all of your company’s news and updates in an approachable and cordial manner. You should also stress to them that no matter what others are sending to them, they should never post anything that is angry or aggressive.

Hopefully, you can now improve your company’s first impressions!


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