Stayin’ Alive: 3 Steps Towards Dealing With Office Emergencies


Business owners who run a busy office need to place emphasis on keeping everyone safe. While you probably invest a lot of time and money in general health and safety, you also need to think outside of the box. There is a good chance that something unpredictable will happen at some point. So, we’re going to focus on planning for emergencies today. If your premises suffers a fire or something like that, you must evacuate everyone as soon as possible. However, that isn’t the easiest task if you didn’t plan for the eventuality in advance. With that in mind, use the three tips on this page to become a better boss and make sure everyone leaves without injury at the end of the working day.

Design a fire evacuation route

Firstly, you’ll need to spend some time working out the fastest way out of your building. You also need to consider things like obstructions that could delay your team. Once you’ve come up with the ideal route, you just need to perform some fire drills. Make sure everyone knows where they are expected to congregate outside. You should also keep a register close to the door so you can find out if you’ve left anyone behind. While you should never re-enter a building that’s on fire, you can let the firefighters know someone needs assistance. Try to ensure that your designated meeting point is more than twenty metres away from your premises for the best outcomes.  

Make sure you have the latest safety equipment

There is lots of different fire safety equipment you could purchase. At the very least, you need two different types of extinguisher. You’re going to want one that uses water, and another that uses foam. That is because you don’t want to spray water on an electrical fire. You will injure yourself and probably get electrocuted in the process. Specialists like Fire Products employ designers who work hard to create the best accessories too. So, maybe you should check the market and see if there is anything that could help to protect your staff better? Using the correct nozzles and hoses can make a big difference.

Link your alarms to a local fire station

Most local fire stations offer a service to business owners that you should use. For a fee, they will connect your alarm system to their offices. As soon as the alarm triggers, firefighters will pile into their vehicles and head in your direction. Sometimes precious seconds count, and so you’ll want them to arrive as soon as possible. That is never going to happen if you have to search around for your mobile phone and give them a call. Of course, the downside to that strategy is that you will have to pay a small fire if your alarms trigger by accident. Still, it’s worth the expense.

Now you know how to deal with the most serious office emergencies, we hope you manage to keep your team safe. Next, you need to start thinking about how you can protect your premises from floods. Again, there are lots of things you can do to improve your chances if you think ahead. See you back here soon!


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