Improving Productivity & Morale Is Possible


Business owners have a lot of things to weigh up and balance, but the focus of all of these comes back to one single goal; increased productivity. That’s how you increase revenue. But increasing the productivity of your workforce can also put them at risk of burning out, and that would have the absolute opposite of what you are trying to achieve. There was a time when a business owner would simply demand more output, but thankfully those times are gone and modern workforces don’t respond to such methods.

So how do you increase the productivity of your employees while also ensuring you boost their morale and retention levels? Well, a lot of the time is a misunderstanding. That is why it is so important that you learn what it is the modern worker wants to gain from their job, and then ensure you deliver on those things.


Employees want to be trusted to do the job they were hired to do and to do the job they are qualified to complete. Yet so often in business, employers don’t grant them these simple freedoms. Instead, the employee has to ask for permission to do something over and over again. A great example of this is BYG Systems, where there is a high staff turnover because the managing director insisted on signing off everything. Yes, it is important that you reserve the right to protect the business from errors, but holding onto absolute power encourages a negative feeling. You are simply acting as an extra obstacle between employee and job done, which simply means you are slowing up productivity.


People don’t want to be stuck in a rut, doing the same jobs over and over again. They want to to be bettering themselves, they want to be learning, they want to be gaining the qualifications that will let them progress, that will ensure they follow the rules and excel. So offer this to them. The better equipped they are to do their job the more productive they will be. So if you work within manufacturing, why not ensure your employees have access to specialized training or seminars, like those offered online at Or if you have a large workforce that is spread out over numerous sites, and possibly countries, why not go down the digital learning route. This will maximize efficiency, produce an audit trail, reduce costs and boost their retention.


Even the very best of your employees will start to stress out about performance reviews, and that is because you have no way of knowing all the facts, or indeed offering review better than the review they give themselves. So get rid of them, or seriously amend what you aim to achieve from them, and then make sure they are referenced every so often and not just filed. To us, they are antiquated and harmful. So why not go about reviews in a different way, a more proactive way, and that is build working relationships with your employees. It is a much healthier means of seeing how well they are performing, trust us.


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