Humble Hotels: 4 Things to Consider Before Running a Hotel


Hotels are lucrative businesses in many parts of the world. The value of a room increases exponentially if you manage to start up a location in a well-received city such as London, Paris or New York. If you want maximum exposure as a hotel, then you’re going to need to start up a hotel in one of these bustling locations. Sadly, that’s a dream for many people. In fact, for a lot of people around the world, it’s a dream to even live in one of those cities with a vibrant nightlife scene and a medley of cultures.

However, that doesn’t mean a hotel can’t work in remote areas or lesser known cities. With enough time, planning and research, you can start up a hotel that not only accommodates people that want to visit the area, but you might even be able to draw people to the location because of your hotel. If you’re still interested in starting your own hotel, then take a look at these following points before you get started.

Location is Important

You need to do plenty of research into areas before you start up a hotel business. If you’re just starting out, this means you’re going to need to find a hidden gem somewhere in your local area because it’s unlikely you will have the time and resources to fund an operation in another city let alone another country. Think about local attractions and the location of your proposed hotel. Worry about things like amenities and always try to have your hotel near public transportation to make it easy to reach.

Research the Competition

Make sure you do a bit of research into your rivals in the area. Keep in mind that there are several different types of “hotel”. For example, there are motels, guest houses and bed and breakfasts to compete with. They all serve different purposes, so you want to try and stand out from the competition and offer your potential guests something that the rest of the competition can’t. If there are no bed and breakfast locations in the area, then consider setting one up so you won’t be directly competing with other big-name hotels or established businesses.

Managing Your Hotel

A hotel is going to need a lot of staff members. From accountants to chefs and handymen, you’re going to need a full team that is capable of helping you run a successful hotel. You also want to make use of hoteling software if you want to have an easier time managing your hotel. You can also outsource certain operations such as repairs instead of having a dedicated mechanic or handyman in your team.

Give Your Hotel a Purpose

Since you’re running a small hotel, the chances of you getting holidaymakers is slim unless you are lucky and have your hotel in a prime tourist location. This means that you’re more likely going to get travellers and business people checking in at your hotel, and you need to accommodate this. Instead of having touristy decorations that reflect the local area, save money and get simple furniture and work on useful amenities for business people such as a good internet connection, food and good quality showers and beds.


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